Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jalapenos and Yogurt

Today I am launching this blog site, called Ken's Commentary, as the President & CEO of Charity Navigator. The purpose of this site is to provide commentary on issues in the charitable non-profit sector that are of concern to donors, policy makers, public charities and their clients. For a few months now, I have been providing this commentary (with occasional help from my colleagues at Charity Navigator), within the Charity Navigator blog. However, I have come to realize, with help from some of our staff, that it was time to have a separate identity for this purpose.

The Charity Navigator web site provides fact based information. It is independent and objective in its analysis. Before I joined the agency, the Charity Navigator blog site also had this approach. However, my commentary is very clearly my opinion. I do not claim to always be objective in my pronouncements, but rather make my comments based on my experience during roughly thirty years of working for and observing various charities.

The analogy I have used to explain this decision is with jalapenos and yogurt. Yogurt (the Charity Navigator web site and blog) is very good for you and has lots of healthy ingredients. Jalapenos (my commentaries) are spicy and can burn! They do not mix well with yogurt. Anyway, I am hopeful that this new blog site will focus further attention on the issues impacting the charitable sector today, as well as direct more donors to the wonderful information on the Charity Navigator web site.

To get us started, I have plucked all of the spicy jalapenos from Charity Navigator's blog (all 13 of them) and have posted them here. They are as follows:

1. Transparency – A Tale of Two Nonprofits
2. The Media Calls – A Week in the Life
3. God and Money – The Church and the IRS
4. The Church and the IRS – Part 2
5. CEO Compensation – Donor Frustration
6. Core Values are Not Just a Sign on the Wall
7. Ten Rules for Public Charity Work
8. Ten More Rules for Public Charity Work
9. A CEO is not a Rainmaker
10. Who profits from a non-profit?
11. What do you do when the CEO is only in it for the money?
12, Give until it hurts
13, Good News in a Bad Economy

I hope you find these entries, as well as those to come, as thought provoking and informative as they are both satisfying and a privilege for me to write them.

All the Best,

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