Monday, March 23, 2009

Making Wise Giving Decisions - A "Two-fer"

1. For those who missed it, here is the transcript of the webinar that was held on 3-17-09 regarding Making Wise Giving Decisions.

One correction to the transcript. In my answer on the question regarding the book Uncharitable there was a typo in a critical sentence. It should have read as follows:
Fundamentally, I disagree with his premise that a charity should be operated like a for profit.

Also, I recommended a book by Renata Rafferty, but she is publishing an updated one this week. The new book is called - Smart Generosity-Everything You Need to Know About Charity, Philanthropy, and Giving Wisely.

2. An interview on 3-19-2009 regarding measuring outcomes and charitable giving on the PRI show - The World.

One important point I neglected to mention in the interview. The core reason that charities should do outcome measurement is not because others will demand it. They should be conducting outcome measurement because it is critically important for them to know that they are doing the right things to have maximum impact! Thanks to David Hunter for pointing out my oversight!

All of the above reiterates the imporance of continuous improvement!

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