Thursday, July 2, 2009

Follow up to the Webinar: Increasing Funding through Performance Management

If you missed Increasing Funding through Performance Management, the webinar for nonprofit professionals that Ken participated in last month, then don't despair! You can now access a recording an the accompanying materials online via the following links:
Ken will participate in another free webinar, Leveraging Performance Management to Thrive in a Down Economy, on July 23. This program will address the question, "How do charities continue to be successful at raising funds and maintaining their programs through hard times?"

Social Solutions, the leading provider of performance management software for the human services sector, is the host for these webinars.


Tony Macklin said...

Ken, I read the presentation PDF and was interested in the proposed Accountability and Transparency measures. Some of these seem to mirror or duplicate the work of the BBB's Standards of Charity Accountability.

Wouldn't it make sense not to recreate the wheel on this? It would be less confusing to donors and their advisors. And it would be less work for nonprofits to have to track similar information in different ways.

Ken Berger said...


Our Accountability Tab will not require any additional work by charities. It comes right off the IRS 990 that all charities we evaluate have to file.