Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ken on Fox Business News

Ken Berger, author of this blog, was on Fox Business News today as part of a panel on philanthropy that included Howard Husock, Vice President of the Manhattan Institute and Steve Goldberg, author, Billions of Drops in Millions of Buckets and member of Charity Navigator's new Advisory Panel. They discussed whether we need a stock market for charities.

3 comments: said...

Ken - well done today...thanks for letting me know you were going to be on the air.

tmillican said...

I'm glad I stopped and watched this video. I wish I had known it was going to be on Fox News. Perhaps next time you guys could send an email out prior to the viewing so I could catch it.

Ken Berger said...


They usually give us 24 hours notice or less when there are opportunities like this. However, we do try to alert people in advance. For one thing, you can join me on twitter at for breaking updates. You can also get updated via our Cause on Facebook.

Glad you found it of some use!