Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tactical Philanthropy Advisors

Sean Stannard-Stockton is someone who is playing an important role in educating and advocating for wiser social investing in nonprofits. For a number of years he has hosted a highly informative blog site called Tactical Philanthropy. He has been a strong supporter of our efforts to modify our rating system in the ways described on this blog (for example click here). He has also volunteered to be a member of our Advisory Panel as we continue our efforts to develop a three dimensional rating system.

Sean has just announced the formation of a new organization called Tactical Philanthropy Advisors. This organization is a full service advisory firm for clients with $1 million to $50 million in philanthropic assets. They also will provide services to wealth managers, estate planners, CPA’s and family offices to help them better serve their clients. In Sean’s press release announcing the new company I stated, “Sean Stannard-Stockton has emerged as a leader in helping people what makes for good philanthropy. He is one of the most passionate, motivational and strategic thinkers in the field. By working with Tactical Philanthropy Advisors, I think most donors can become good social investors by improving the way they approach giving.”

Sean has provided me with wise counsel through a number of challenges that Charity Navigator has faced. He has also introduced us to a number of people (including Dr. Robert Penna) who have also become great supporters and advisors. So for those of you who read this blog who fit the profile of Tactical Philanthropy Advisors client base, I urge you to give him a call or email. While you are at it, give me a call too!

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