Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trends In Charity Executive Compensation: Online Chat Hosted By The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Today, Ken Berger (author of this blog and president & CEO of Charity Navigator), David Samuels (partner at Duval & Stachenfeld LLP and former Deputy Chief of the NY Attorney General's Charities Bureau) and Noelle Barton (Manager of Special Projects at The Chronicle of Philanthropy) participated in an online discussion about executive pay at nonprofits. Among other issues, the conversation touched on executive perks, deferred compensation, the appropriateness of revenue sharing programs, bonuses, compensation committees and the difference between what is technically legal and what adheres to best practice when it comes to charity CEO pay.

You can read the full transcript on the Chronicle's site.


Tom Bailey said...

The key in my opinion is the value of the person in charity vs. what they are worth outside of the charitable arena.

That gap is the key regardless of size of compensation the bigger the gap the more value the charity is getting ideally it would be great if all charitable ceo's could work for free but that is idealistic.

I think CEO compensation is far off the radar of most donors unless they are digging into things by using things like community foundations to do their research for them or they are using a site like charity navigator which most do not do. Charity is often just a gut donation which is why some fundraisers can still today get away with charging over 80 and 90 percent for the fundraising.

You are doing an excellent work here educating people.

I love it!

Best regards,
Tom Bailey

P.S. When I called charity navigator you gave me some excellent guidance.

Ken Berger said...