Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ken On The Savage Nation

Last week, several senators wrote a letter expressing their concerns with the spending practices, including CEO pay, at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Among other media outlets, Ken was quoted in the AP and the Washington Post discussing how top pay at this charity compares to Charity Navigator's research on this topic. He also did some radio interviews, including one on Friday afternoon with Michael Savage which you can hear now:

Ken Berger Talks with Michael Savage about CEO Salaries


Anonymous said...

Does Charity Navigator give the salaries of hospital administrators, their assistants, their assistant assistants, etc.?

If not, who does?

Ken Berger said...


We publish whatever information on salaries is provided on the charity report to the IRS - the 990 information report. The focus in the report is on executive and senior management salaries.

I am not aware of anyone who reports on salaries beyond that. However, I do believe the real story we should be focusing on is the problem of inadequate salaries for front line workers.