Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crowdsourcing, Transparency and Results Based Charity Ratings

I presented on the topic of “Crowdsourcing, Transparency and Results Based Charity Ratings: The Next Generation of Nonprofit Evaluation” at Columbia University. The audience included students, faculty, nonprofit professionals and others. This was at a conference hosted by NextGen and was held in November of 2010. The Power Point slides that I covered in the presentation can also be found below. I hope you find it of value!

Crowdsourcing, Transparency and Results Based Charity Ratings

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bob snodgrass said...

Thank you for helping to guide giving hearts.

Your work is important.

Ken Berger said...


Thank you for your interest and commmitment!


Kevin Rutter - Charity Auctioneer said...

I think charity rating is important and using Charity Navigator is a a great tool. I know for myself I use Charity Navigator to see if an organization is safe to donate to. Its like looking at a dashboard on my car to see if its safe to drive. Does it give me totally safety? No but it does give me enough to know if I should put they key in the car and drive away from my house in the morning.

Ken Berger said...


Well said!


Anonymous said...

Nice presentation. Your visual slides were humorous and captured the point well. But I would lose the comic sans font on the intro slides!

Christina said...

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