Monday, May 28, 2012

CNN Interview with Anderson Cooper : Problem Veteran's Charities

On 5-18-12 I was interviewed live on CNN by Anderson Cooper regarding general advice for giving to charities as well as lessons learned based on their investigative report on two veteran's charities - DisabledVeterans National Foundation  (DVNF) and National Veteran's Foundation (NVF). At the time of the report Anderson noted that we do not currently rate DVNF (because they are less than five years old and therefore do not meet our current criteria) but since that time the Senate has launched an investigation in to the group, therefore we now have a Donor Advisory up for the group. In the case of NVF, he noted that we gave the organization 3-stars and asked if we were planning to have another look. I told him we definitely would do so. After an in depth review, we have amended the rating of the NVF (it is now a 0-star organization). Finally, we were blown away by the incredibly strong urging Anderson gave his viewers to use Charity Navigator as a resource! 

The full segment is about 14 minutes, but if you just want to see the segment that includes Charity Navigator, skip to the 7 minute mark. Enjoy!


Merle Kaufman said...

I saw this interview and I was quite shocked to see that Charity Navigator itself was caught with its pants done: they had not done their due diligence on the Veteran's charity, but had given it a 3-star rating. That really gave me pause, and made me wonder whether Charity Navigator itself is all it's cracked up to be. This was beyond disappointing, since I have always used their recommendations for my charitable donations.
Merle Kaufman, NYC

Ken Berger said...


I am very sorry you feel disappointed and can assure you that we have as a core value to continuously improve. We made a substantial upgrade of our metrics to minimize the chance we would run into a situation like this again. I hope you will not give up on us. We are not perfect, but we do strive to be the best we can be.


Anonymous said...

I to saw the Anderson Cooper piece. I was happy to find a source to check on the many good and bad charites. Thank you for this service.

Ken Berger said...


Welcome aboard!