Monday, May 28, 2012

CNN Interview with Anderson Cooper : Problem Veteran's Charities

On 5-18-12 I was interviewed live on CNN by Anderson Cooper regarding general advice for giving to charities as well as lessons learned based on their investigative report on two veteran's charities - DisabledVeterans National Foundation  (DVNF) and National Veteran's Foundation (NVF). At the time of the report Anderson noted that we do not currently rate DVNF (because they are less than five years old and therefore do not meet our current criteria) but since that time the Senate has launched an investigation in to the group, therefore we now have a Donor Advisory up for the group. In the case of NVF, he noted that we gave the organization 3-stars and asked if we were planning to have another look. I told him we definitely would do so. After an in depth review, we have amended the rating of the NVF (it is now a 0-star organization). Finally, we were blown away by the incredibly strong urging Anderson gave his viewers to use Charity Navigator as a resource! 

The full segment is about 14 minutes, but if you just want to see the segment that includes Charity Navigator, skip to the 7 minute mark. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Battle for Transparency in the Nonprofit Sector

In February of this year, I gave a workshop in Toronto, Canada at the annual Being Good at Doing Good Conference regarding my views on the battle we face in trying to get nonprofit organizations to become more transparent worldwide as well as our efforts at Charity Navigator to encourage them to do so. The video is about an hour or so in length, beginning with a roughly 30 minute presentation followed by another 30 minutes or so of question and answer. The slides for the presentation are also provided below.