Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"A Whole Lot-a Baloney in that Sandwich" : An NPR Morning Edition Interview

Photo by Ann Larie Valentine
On 10-22-13, NPR ran a story about Charity Navigator's new Results Reporting methodology. It included an interview with me in which I stressed the critical need for charities to measure and report on their results as well as donors' desire to access such information. It also included the typical excuses we hear from some charities about why they claim they can not report their results. In the interview, I characterize those excuses as "a whole lot-a baloney". The excuses encompass everything from a lack of resources, to 'it's too hard,' to the fear of the fallout from potential criticism. But we believe that it is critically important that the sector move past those excuses and get serious about determining which programs, services and charities are making a real and lasting difference in the world. The largest nonprofit sector in the history of the world, garnering roughly $1.5 trillion per year in revenues, should be able to tell donors that it meets its mission in a measurable way. There is no excuse to do otherwise!

You can hear the story here or read it here.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Stupid Cancer Show Tackles the Issue of Overhead

Ken Berger was recently on the Stupid Cancer show (a live, multi-award-winning, international talk radio show giving voice to millions of underserved children, teens and young adults affected by cancer) with Jacob Harold, President & CEO of Guidestar, and Art Taylor, President & CEO of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. They discussed their collective views on overhead. Listen to the episode now:

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