Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Battle for the Soul of the Nonprofit Sector: A Podcast Interview

I have recently begun to present at conferences a speech with the title, "The Battle for the Soul of the Nonprofit Sector". Some of the major points I make in my presentation are a part of a podcast interview that was conducted recently with a reporter from Humanosphere. Scroll down the page on this link to hear the interview now (note Ken's interview starts around 10 minutes & 45 seconds into the podcast and runs for about 30 minutes).

Below are a few examples of comments I made during the interview:

  • “Why are there are so many [charity] CEOs who are ripoff artists?”
  • “We really need a rethink of what the nonprofit sector is and what a public charity is in this country. It’s really out of control.”
  • “The nonprofit sector takes in $1.5 trillion a year. It’s the largest nonprofit sector in the world… And the amount of oversight is pathetic.”
  • “We would like to change the paradigm from, the nonprofit that does the best marketing wins, to one where the nonprofit that helps the most people, is the most effective, gets the best results, wins.”
  • “If they had a more robust system of measuring and managing what they were doing, a lot of those people would be alive today.”