Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tips for long-term donations

The traditional year-end charitable giving season may be over, but now's not the time to forget about our charitable passions and social investments. This is precisely the time to establish your philanthropic plans for 2014 and beyond. Watch this clip from The Willis Report where Ken explains how you should go about finding a charity to invest in long-term.


Chris Baxter said...

Hi Ken, love what Charity Nav is doing in terms of rating financial efficiency and effectiveness.. must have metrics. Are there any organisations that you are aware of that have, say, a panel of experts that take this information to come up with a suggested giving 'regime' in terms of charities to give to and in what order to solve a world problem over time? (e.g. Malaria, Muscular dystrophy etc...)

Ken Berger said...


There are some efforts like that but they tend to have a moralistic value judgement associated with them (i.e. you should only focus on global health as opposed to domestic needs).