Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bloomberg TV: What Will ALS Association Do With Ice Bucket Cash?

Ken Berger was on Bloomberg TV to discuss the ALS Association's challenge in spending the 100 million dollars worth of donations it has received via the Ice Bucket Challenge.


Anonymous said...

Like most "good" charities they will spend about 60% on the stated purpose and the rest will go to the CEO and others.

Ken Berger said...


ALSA has a four star rating in part because significantly more than 60% of the money is allocated to program services. Also, overhead includes of critical costs of infrastructure that every charity needs. See our description of the need to look at three dimensions to make the right charity decision.


Dutchy said...

ALS has a fantastic group of Medical researchers who have been working for years and years on a very small budget to find a cure and/or meds to stabilize this horrible disease. Here in Worcester, MA at UMASS Hospital is a small research lab with incredible dedicated people working very hard day in day out....just so people know...I just came upon your blog.
I am a widow, my husband died 10 years of ALS and never was able to use all the aids now available for ALS patients, it is wonderful what the ALS Association does for them!!!
Thanks everyone!