Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NOT a Farewell Message to Readers of Ken's Commentary

My tenure as president & CEO of Charity Navigator ended on 3-30-15. It was an amicable and mutually agreed upon departure based upon each party wanting to move in a different direction.  I am still involved with the organization, most immediately planning to finish a book I have been co-writing with Dr. Robert Penna about the unique perspective, tools, resources and leverage for positive change that CN offers the nonprofit sector.

My plan is to continue to work in some capacity to help donors, foundations, corporations, government, nonprofits and social businesses to do their best to help people and communities. In addition, I plan to keep this blog going with my thoughts and observations on the social sector (all those individuals and organizations dedicated to the greater good).

Thanks again for your continued interest in what I have to say. It’s been an honor and a privilege to have this blog as a place to chronicle my observations and efforts to nurture and help win the battle for the soul of the social sector!


P.S. I have a radio interview this week I intend to post here, as well as an article in the making on social businesses and the challenges of "bigness" in trying to do social good. Onward!


Joanne Reisser said...

Best of luck to you.

Barry Horwitz said...

Thanks for this post, Ken ... Great to hear from you, and great to know that you will continue offering your sharp commentary. Looking forward to staying in touch ... and to continue to follow your thoughts.

Barry Horwitz

Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken said...

As I said before, Ken, your contributions to Charity Navigator's positive role in the sector have been significant. It has been an honor to work with you in your capacity as CEO of CN and I hope we can find other ways to collaborate! Fare well in your next stage in your career.