Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Final Charity Navigator Interview

About three weeks before my departure from Charity Navigator (CN), I was interviewed by mOppenheimTV for their INSIGHT show. In the interview (18 minutes in length), I discuss the past, present and planned future of Charity Navigator and its challenges. I also provide a brief review of my career and how it influenced my work at CN.


Barry Horwitz said...

A great discussion Ken - still on target. And another reminder that it will be exceptionally challenging for the organization to find someone with your combination of experience, expertise, passion and persistence that drove you and CN to where it is today.

Jean Murray said...

A pleasure to listen to the mission and process of CN. I had no idea of this agency. I was moved by the topic of "scoundrels and thieves". Oh my, I could tell you so many stories in my past while working with some agencies. Some more egregious than others. I agree that there needs to be "watch dogs" to call out for correction, and for whatever the other issues that contribute (as you exampled, agencies that erred as they were not cognizant). Great interview!