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January 2018

7 Smartphone Guidelines to Keep Your Business Competitive in the Mobile Market

In today’s modern, technology-driven society, there’s no doubt that most consumers own a smartphone. In addition, more and more people are spending prolonged periods of time on mobile devices and apps in particular. This means businesses have more opportunities to turn them into potential customers.

By developing a smartphone app, brands have the ability to be a part of their audience’s daily mobile activities. This means that their latest content or new promotion can be easily and effectively delivered to customers all across the globe, which ultimately helps them grow.

Here are seven ways building a smartphone app can make your business more competitive.

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5 Tips to Improve Your Mobile Form UX

For the first time ever, we surf the online world more with our mobile devices than with our desktop computers. This is an interesting development that shows the sheer power of smartphones, tablets, and phablets (if consumers are even buying those anymore).

As we search the web with our iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices, we are more likely to conduct our personal affairs on the go, whether it is paying a bill or buying a pair of jeans.

With this in mind, as a business, you need to develop a mobile application and a mobile form that present sublime user experiences. No frustration, no sluggish speed, no complications. And that is what you need to accomplish when you’re designing mobile forms.

Remember, should a customer abandon the process, then that means one less sale in the books.

Here are five tips to improve your mobile form UX in minutes:

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9 Strategies to Increase Your B2B Lead Generation

When it comes to attracting new customers to your business, and converting them to sales leads, you want to see results. It’s good practice to go through your marketing plan, at least annually, to see what is working and what isn’t.  These strategies are essential for boosting your B2B leads:

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9 Popular Packaging Supplies Used in the Food Industry

If you are about to start a small business in the food industry, you might be wondering how you will package your products so they will attract the eyes of customer. The perfect packaging should also protect your products until they are ready to be eaten.

Here are 9 examples of packaging supplies you can customize and use to package your food products.

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4 Common Types of Criminal Charges

Are you worried you may be facing a criminal charge? In cases where you could be vulnerable to criminal charges or fines, you should consider getting a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer is a type of lawyer who specializes in defending people and companies charged with criminal activity.

Some criminal lawyers are private while others are public. Depending on the nature of your potential charge, and your financial situation, you can choose from these two options. However, when choosing a criminal lawyer, you want to look for someone with experience in the type of charge you may be facing.

There are different types of offences a criminal lawyer can help you with. Some of these offences include driving, assault, fraud, and shoplifting. Here are more details about those offences.

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5 Tips to Buy GICs with the Best Rates

The Bank of Canada (BOC) is in the process of raising interest rates, but they are still standing at near all-time lows. And this isn’t good for your savings accounts, guaranteed investment certificates (GICs), or cash deposits (CD)s.

You may be a sandwich investor: you’re apprehensive of dipping your toe in the stock market, but you’re also frustrated by the lack of returns on your savings. What’s the solution?

Should you want to refrain from mutual funds, stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and the myriad of other high-risk investment options, then perhaps a GIC is your best option.

It is true that many may scoff at the notion of purchasing a GIC. However, by shopping around, doing your due diligence, and locking in a sum of money, you can witness your money working harder for you in today’s booming market. Here are five tips for buying GICs with the best GIC rates:

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3 Debunked Myths About Personal Injury Lawsuits

When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, there are those who still have many misconceptions about the whole subject. Being involved in an injury that affects your life can be incredibly hard to deal with, depending on the injury or injuries suffered. These can be both physical and mental. Then there is also the change in lifestyle or loss of income to contend with. It can be a traumatic experience that may have consequences for the rest of someone’s life. Continue Reading

6 Continuing Education Courses in the Dental Industry

With an increase in demand for continuing dental education courses, Genesis created a program in 2017 to address the need. Continuing dental education is also for more than just dental assistants, as there are options for an entire team that may include the dentist, dental assistants, treatment coordinators and dental hygienists. All the courses are help at a state of the art facility, and will present opportunities for anyone who is interested in pursuing a relevant career. Continue Reading

5 Tips For Building With Steel

Simple, strong, safe, and affordable — steel provides builders with benefits beyond a new, exciting home, project, or building. A popular choice among the construction industry, and for many reasons, steel’s value is now seen beyond the downtown office buildings and condos; farmers and homeowners are using steel for their new building projects such as steel garages and steel garden sheds.

Aside from being the ideal material for your next project, steel is also environmentally friendly, affordable, and easy to use. Still not convinced? Here are the many benefits of why you should choose steel as your material of choice for your next project.

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5 Ways to Help Your Loved Ones Settle In a Retirement Home

Generational living, otherwise known as sandwiching, isn’t necessarily possible for every family. Whether it is the size of your living space or the cost of taking care of children and parents, attempting to have everyone reside under one roof is untenable for all.

So, what exactly do you do for your aging parents or grandparents?

You may be apprehensive about the idea, which is completely understandable, but a wide array of families across the country are opting for retirement homes, public or private.

Retirement communities have drastically transformed in recent years. They have turned into modern establishments with all of the necessary amenities and components to ensure residents have an impeccable standard of living in their senior years. Surprisingly, it isn’t the retirement home that makes interested prospects hesitant, it is the transitional period that proves most difficult. To overcome this hurdle, it requires a collaborative effort between you and the home.

Here are five tips for helping your loved ones enter a retirement home:

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