5 Tips For Building With Steel

Simple, strong, safe, and affordable — steel provides builders with benefits beyond a new, exciting home, project, or building. A popular choice among the construction industry, and for many reasons, steel’s value is now seen beyond the downtown office buildings and condos; farmers and homeowners are using steel for their new building projects such as steel garages and steel garden sheds.

Aside from being the ideal material for your next project, steel is also environmentally friendly, affordable, and easy to use. Still not convinced? Here are the many benefits of why you should choose steel as your material of choice for your next project.

1. Steel can be constructed quickly

We’ve all heard people say, “Rome wasn’t built in one day!” Well, if Rome had of been built with steel, it could have been. Steel is an easy and quick material to construct. Usually coming pre-engineered and with instructions plus sent directly to you or your worksite, steel is easily assembled without too many hands.

Why you may need a couple tools, it’s not an Ikea nightmare, rather, it’s like building blocks with the pieces connecting together. And because steel is more expandable and flexible than wood or brick, you can adjust at any time. Think of steel as high-speed internet while other materials can make feel like you’re using dial-up, or worse…building Rome.

2. Steel gives you (and the earth) options

As mentioned above, steel is a versatile material. Being a versatile material means that many steel building models can be adjusted or modified if plans change. Therefore, steel gives you options to expand or reduce, making the material more flexible than its cousins wood, cement, and brick.

Steel is also a recyclable material, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Just as it’s versatile for your projects, steel is versatile for the earth. So when you’re done with your steel structure, or need to reduce part of your building plan, you can recycle the steel and it can be reused by you or someone else.

3. You can always rely on steel

Hurricane warning? No problem. Heavy snowfall or storm? Got it. Fire? Steel will stand.

Steel is one of the strongest materials in the world and can withstand many of Mother Nature’s vicious weather plans. Steel is also resistant to termites, creeping, cracks, and rotting. When compared to other building material options, such as wood, brick, or concrete, steel stands strong because unlike those options, it’s not susceptible to buckling, rotting, mould or mildew.

If you’re looking for a material to count on, steel has got your back. Also, in most cases, steel structures come with a 30-year-guarantee. So not only can you count on steel, you can count on it for a long, long time.

4. Steel is good for your budget

Another plus of using steel for your next building project is: it won’t break the bank. In most cases, steel provides a maximum usable space for minimal financial investment, has a lower risk of fire than wood or brick, which makes it easier to insure, and gives the best value per square foot. There are also additional savings on electricity because steel retains heat, making the material energy efficient and less expensive to operate.

For example, if you choose to put use a steel roof instead of a wood one, your home will be warmer during those long, cold winter months. And again, the fact that steel can retain heat, makes it not only budget friendly but environmentally friendly.

5. Build on the upside with steel

As you’ve read above, steel has a good resume for your next project. From standing tall against bad weather to being environmentally friendly and coming with a 30-year-guarantee, the plus side of steel seems to outweigh other building material options. If you’re looking for a worry-free material with experience, steel is your best bet. Choose it for your next project and see the upside for yourself.

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