3 Debunked Myths About Personal Injury Lawsuits

When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, there are those who still have many misconceptions about the whole subject. Being involved in an injury that affects your life can be incredibly hard to deal with, depending on the injury or injuries suffered. These can be both physical and mental. Then there is also the change in lifestyle or loss of income to contend with. It can be a traumatic experience that may have consequences for the rest of someone’s life.

When it comes to the term ‘personal injury lawyer’, many people have this idea of a bunch of disorganized and unscrupulous lawyers. This is far from the truth. Here are a few myths that need to be dispelled when it comes to personal injury lawsuits.

1. You’ll Become A Millionaire After An Accident

People think that if you’re involved in an accident, you’re set up for life. This is of course, a myth. In fact, it may not even go to court. Careful negotiations in general, tend to cause a settlement to be reached. How much an affected person receives is based on what the law feels is fair and is not based on who is right or wrong.

It would also be better if it were settled out of court, otherwise there is a risk of a lower payment once it goes to court and involves a judge and jury and of course, other costs. A personal injury lawyer can give a client a ballpark figure of what they can expect in compensation but should never promise an exact amount, in which case, you should not even use that lawyer.

2. With Insurance, You Don’t Need A Lawyer

Here’s another myth that needs to be dispelled. An insurance company can be a funny lot. In such cases, they might not be your enemy, but, they aren’t 100% on your side either. They will pay you, but the nature of the game in their business is to pay as little as possible.

With a personal injury lawyer by your side, you will get the best possible outcome and be advised on tricky situations that can ‘catch’ you, causing you to receive less payment. It is important to have a personal injury lawyer advising you as soon as possible. Remember, you don’t pay unless you win and even then, the lawyer takes a percentage of the settlement.

3. Only Physical Injuries Receive Compensation

Another myth is that only physical injuries receive compensation. There are also psychological issues that can develop as a result of an accident. Post traumatic stress is also a very real issue. In some ways, the mental scars someone receives from an accident can actually be more debilitating than physical injuries. While physical injuries can heal after a certain period, mental and psychological issues can go on even after the physical injuries have healed. It can be very hard to deal with such problems and in some cases, they may never overcome the psychological side of it.

The best thing you can do for yourself if you suffer a personal injury is to hire a lawyer who specializes in it. Even then, there are different kinds of personal injuries and if you can find one who has great experience with the same or similar injuries you have, it would be better for you. Lawyers know what steps to take and what would be the best outcome for you as well as help you avoid mistakes when dealing with insurance companies so that you get a good settlement.

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