4 Common Types of Criminal Charges

Are you worried you may be facing a criminal charge? In cases where you could be vulnerable to criminal charges or fines, you should consider getting a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer is a type of lawyer who specializes in defending people and companies charged with criminal activity.

Some criminal lawyers are private while others are public. Depending on the nature of your potential charge, and your financial situation, you can choose from these two options. However, when choosing a criminal lawyer, you want to look for someone with experience in the type of charge you may be facing.

There are different types of offences a criminal lawyer can help you with. Some of these offences include driving, assault, fraud, and shoplifting. Here are more details about those offences.

1. Driving Offence

Driving offences can represent a broad range of illegal practices related to driving a motor vehicle. When you’re pulled over by an officer, you have certain rights that need to be respected before and after any potential charges may be laid. Serious driving offences usually fall into the category of impaired driving. In this situation, you would do best to find a criminal lawyer who specializes in impaired driving offences, specifically DUIs or driving under the influence.

In some cases, and depending on your lawyer, some driving offences can result in your drivers’ license being suspended and serious repercussions on the life of the driver. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, contact a criminal lawyer right away to help you understand the process.

2. Assault

Assault charges can be some of the most serious charges an individual can encounter. An assault is considered both a crime and tort, which means the assault charge could result in criminal or civil liability.

There are different types of assault charges you can pursue. The different types can include domestic and sexual assault. If something has happened to you and you are seeking advice on how to report the incident or press charges, you should find a criminal lawyer to help you

 3. Fraud

Fraud is considered a ‘wrongful deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.’ Fraud can happen with property, money, security or services. In the law, fraud is known as a “property offense,” which is the same category as theft, robbery, extortion or arson. Fraud charges usually include credit card fraud, debit card fraud, construction fraud, and financial or legal document fraud.

If you are faced with a fraud charge, you may end up in jail for up to 14 years depending on the type of fraud you have allegedly committed.

4. Shoplifting

Shoplifting is considered taking anything that belongs to the public or someone else without their knowledge and consent. Theft is a crime and usually punishable by imprisonment or fine, and a theft charge can leave you with a criminal record. There are different levels of shoplifting and theft, most known are petty theft, grand theft, retail theft, and identity theft.

All types of theft are punishable and usually by a jail sentence.

If you have been approached about a potential charge, contact a criminal lawyer right away. You will need guidance and support throughout the process, and the criminal lawyer will be able to help you sort through the details and provide you with a plan and structure for your potential case. Whether it’s a small or large issue, a criminal lawyer will know the best approach.

Some people choose to represent themselves, which can leave them vulnerable to attack and miscommunication. Avoid these problems and work with someone who understands the law and process, like a criminal lawyer.

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