9 Strategies to Increase Your B2B Lead Generation

When it comes to attracting new customers to your business, and converting them to sales leads, you want to see results. It’s good practice to go through your marketing plan, at least annually, to see what is working and what isn’t.  These strategies are essential for boosting your B2B leads:

1. Know Your Target Audience

Really narrow down your marketing persona(s). Have 2 or 3, if you like, but target your emails specifically. Find out what problems each demographic is having and provide information that sets you apart as the business to be able to solve them.

2. Update Lead Capture forms

Ask for information that is appropriate for the value you are providing. If customers are giving you more than their email address, you need to be giving them something that is relevant and usable in return. Remember to provide some practical content on your site with no obligation to the customer, at all.

3. Publish Valuable Content, Often

According to Hubspot’s blogging traffic analysis of 13,500 companies, businesses that publish 16 or more posts per month, get 4.5X as many leads as those publishing 0-4 posts. Of course, that content needs to be relevant if you want potential customers to return. Case studies and white papers can highlight your successes and help your business stand out against competition in your field.

4. Increase the Number Compounding Blog Posts

Compounding post traffic grows over time while decaying posts tend to have a high initial surge of traffic and then fizzle out. While you will want to publish some information about top trends, current research and data that is specific to your niche, try to post more often about broad, evergreen topics to attract more visitors to your site. Make sure your posts have great headlines, text that is skimmable and easy to read, and actionable information that clients can use right away.

5. Cater to Mobile Users

Don’t worry, you don’t have to develop and launch an expensive mobile app, but you do need to ensure your websites and marketing materials are optimized for mobile viewing. If your site and your emails aren’t showing up nicely on smartphones and tablets, your clients may head to the competition.

6. Boost Your Social Media Presence

If you’ve tried several platforms, analyse the results. Get rid of the ones that aren’t bringing you leads and focus your energy on the ones that are.

7. Use Video

People just like to watch video. Even executives. Use live feeds on social media to announce upcoming events, promote your company or engage current customers. Professional quality videos are great for promoting or explaining your product and answering how-to questions for customers before they buy.

8. Try Website Visitor Identification Software

Many companies have visited your website but have left without making a purchase or asking for more information. With company identification and contact information, your marketing team can follow up with potential customers, early in the buying process, and pass warm leads on to Sales.

9. Use Email Lead Generation Software

Create personalized email, targeted to clients in all stages of your sales funnel. Increase deliverability and click through rates of the email you send. Analyze the quality of your email list to ensure sales teams are getting the best leads.

By boosting traffic to your website, you can reach more potential customers and engage with them about your product or service. These B2B lead generation strategies can help you boost the number and quality of leads you receive and help you convert them into sales.

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