4 Benefits of Hiring an Accounting Recruiter

Filling accounting positions for your business can be a labourious and time-consuming process. It requires an extensive search and a rigorous screening of candidates to get the best person available to fill the vacancy. Regardless of the size of your organization, this process will put a strain on your business’ time and resources.

Getting an accounting recruiter when hiring for your business is therefore a good idea. If your business is in the market for an accountant and you do not know the best way of approaching the hiring process, below are 4 reasons to consider an accounting recruiter.

1. Good negotiation skills

An accountant recruiter has good negotiation skills that have been acquired from years of dealing with clients. Recruiters also understand what accountants should be paid based on their skills and experience. They will use this knowledge to negotiate with potential accountants and can usually come to an agreement on a salary that both you and the candidate are satisfied with.

Not only can accounting recruiters use their stellar negotiation skills to come up with agreeable salaries, they can use them in other aspects of the job as well before an offer is made. This can include holiday, sick time, benefits, and pensions. The recruiter can present information specified by you regarding these issues and make sure it is acceptable to the candidate before hiring them. This prevents any misunderstandings and objections after the candidate starts the job.

2. Frees up your time

As a business owner, your time is precious and you need to keep your focus on operations in order for the business to succeed. While hiring processes are important and necessary, sometimes you cannot afford to shift your attention towards them.

An accounting staffing agency will take control of all aspects of the hiring process from beginning to end. All you may be required to do is to simply screen the candidates that the recruiter has suggested for you to ensure only the right people for the job get interviews.

Accounting recruiters may have additional resources that you may not have to ensure you get the candidate that you need. These include in-depth screening skills and connections. With the experience they have, they will ensure that they thoroughly screen candidates and only suggest the best for you. They also use extensive networks with fellow recruiters to know the right places to look for available candidates that will fit your business needs.

3. Simplify the hiring process

Sometimes candidates with the best skills and abilities are not openly available. This is because most of them are selective and do not apply for online jobs. Some have become passive after sending their application to many companies without replies. This may limit the amount of qualified candidates that you have access to.

Integrating an accounting recruiter into your hiring process will simplify the process and help your business find the best candidates. This is because they search for candidates in multiple locations and easily get access to the best talent. They also have expansive networks who know where to get them and therefore making the process simpler.

Having a recruiter will also simplify the process because they will screen the candidates for you and suggest the best candidates. The only job left for you is to choose the candidate that best suits your business needs from the suggested ones.

4. Speeds up the hiring process

Filling accounting positions can be very difficult. The process is a rigorous one that requires a lot of screening and it can take a lot of time before you get qualified candidates to review for the open position. This can keep the vacancy open for extended periods and this can cost your business a lot of money.

Having an accountant recruiter can help you speed up the process of filling these positions to help save your business money. They are solely focused on filling accounting roles and familiar with the process. Accounting recruiters can quickly help you filter out unsuitable candidates, making sure that your position gets filled faster.

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