6 Ways to Furnish a Small Dining Room

Furnishing a small dining room can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, being small, you would have probably preferred something bigger and with more space.

On the other hand, the fact that it is small can lead to it being more efficient and force you into focusing on what is truly essential, so that you leave out anything unnecessary.

Whatever the case, a small dining room still poses some challenges, challenges that you will no doubt rise to, as you learn how to furnish your dining room.

1. Scale

You need to consider the scale which is arguably the most important aspect, in view of the fact that you are working with a smaller dining room. The dining room furniture you choose must be scaled in accordance with the space you have.

In other words, how an object relates to another in terms of the space in which an object is placed. So, for example, something that is large being placed in a small area is going to be out of scale.

2. Make Use Of Mirrors

If you have never heard of using mirrors in a small room, you should try it and see the magic unfold! Not only does it reflect light which is what you want, but it also has the ability to open up space. Strategically place mirrors on the wall and in fact, you can use more than one which can enhance the effect dramatically.

3. Choosing The Table Shape

For a small dining room, it would be best to go with a table that is round in a square room. Depending on whether you have enough space to open it, you may want to get a round table with an extension leaf. A dining table with a pedestal base is also good because you can fit in extra guests and the table legs won’t get in the way. If you happen to have a narrow dining room, then go with a narrow rectangular dining table but make sure there is ample space for guests to move easily.

4. Choose Armless Chairs

In a small dining room, having armless chairs would be the most ideal choice. Arm chairs will need more room. Another tip regarding chairs is to choose chairs that are slender. This is because it will take up less space physically while visually, it gives the appearance of having a little more space. Again, consider the ability of others to move around easily.

5. Try Transparent Furniture

You may want to try getting transparent furniture, but this is only for visual effect and nothing else. Because it is transparent, it can give a visual appearance that there is more space, although physically, this is of course not true. Make sure to take measurements because you want to leave ample space for people to be comfortable and easily move around.

6. Make A Booth!

If you have the set up for it, like a tight corner, place a rectangular dining table in the middle and a couple of banquettes on either side against the wall. This small corner could actually seat several people, just like in a pub. You could also use the bottom of the seats to store things that will be hidden from sight.

With a little bit of imagination, you could turn a small dining room into a wonderful, inviting and cosy place for your family and yourself as well as for friends and guests.

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