5 Big Misconceptions People Have About Employment Agencies

There are quite a few times when finding a new job is a monumental task that leaves you absolutely lost and probably a bit afraid of the future. You certainly would not be the first person to feel this way, and you will be far from the last, so there must be some way to take the fear and hassle out of the relentless hunt of employment, right? Of course there is!

One of the better ways to accomplish this is to consult an employment agency, but what if you have heard some not so great things about the process involved? Well, in the words below, you will find five big misconceptions that people commonly have about employment agencies that may just calm your concern about using one.

1. They Do Not Offer “Real” Jobs

Well, this one is just silly, as the entire purpose of an employment agency is to find you a “real” job. Now, what you perceive as a real job may differ, but you can rest assured that an employment agency will find you an actual, long-term job with real pay from companies such as Amazon, Apple, Sony, Visa, and more large companies that you can trust as an employee.

2. Employment Agencies Only Offer Low-Paying Jobs

This is simply not true, really. You will be provided a job based upon your level of experience and knowledge of a given field. While this may lead to you gaining an entry level position, you can bet that with a bit of effort and dedication, that position can really blossom into the position that you had in mind when you began the process. Of course, if you are a veteran of a field with years of experience backing you up, then you can expect a much higher job position to be offered to you.

3. Employment Agencies Only Work With Entry Level Candidates

While there was a time when this was once true, that is an outdated ideal of what an employment agency does. In the modern day, an agency will provide work for candidates of all varieties of experience. Specialty agencies can place individuals in the professional, managerial, and technical roles that they are looking for. With a bit of research and inquiring, there is a good chance that you will be able to find help from an employment agency, no matter how far along in your career that you are.

4. Assignments are Short

This does not have to be true at all. A given assignment can last anywhere from mere days, to weeks, to entire months. While the shorter assignments may not be favourable, they still offer a great opportunity to potentially prove your worth. If you go in and give it your absolute all, then you may just find yourself with a full time position with a great company. If not, then you can rest assured that you will have a brand new assignment as soon as possible, filled with new possibilities.

5. Temporary Assignments Don’t Offer Benefits

This depends upon the company in which you are assigned to. While some assignments will not come with benefits, there are most certainly those assignments in which you will receive holidays off, direct deposit, employee referral bonuses, and even more. Before accepting an assignment, you should look deeply into any potential benefits that you may receive so you can properly understand your current situation. You might just end up working a pretty sweet gig in the long run, and even that may turn into a permanent position.

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