6 Mistakes to Avoid After Being Injured in a Slip & Fall

A slip and fall accident can be a source of great pain and embarrassment. But more seriously, it can result in back and brain injuries. One may also end up with broken limbs. If you find yourself hurt after a slip and fall accident, don’t just brush it off and assume all will end well. Sometimes, even a slight injury may end up causing long-term complications such as fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

Besides the obvious discomforts of pain and suffering caused by slip and fall injuries, your ability to perform day-to-day duties such as going to work or performing daily chores may become a struggle.

Should you slip, or trip, and fall, there is a chance that you could be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, future health costs and loss of income due to your inability to work.

Anyone can slip and fall, anywhere. However, when it happens in the workplace, at a store, in a parking lot, or at any other public or private area, there are a number of mistakes that you should avoid making in order to get a higher claim payout.

1. Failure to File a Report

If you don’t report the incident, it never happened. Most people assume that they are okay after a slip and fall incident. So, they just get up, brush it off, and walk away. This is not a wise thing to do since even a slight fall may have future complications. Filing a report about the incident is highly advisable, whether or not you think you were hurt. Reporting the incident gives you a starting point for seeking compensation.

2. Failure to Get Medical Attention

This is another mistake that people make. Getting medical attention provides you with the first piece of evidence in a potential compensation case. The result of a doctor’s examination will later prove critical should you decide to claim compensation.

3. Failure to Contact a Lawyer

Certain types of slip and fall incidences have strict reporting time limits. One mistake you could make is to proceed with a compensation claim without your lawyer. Always get a slip and fall lawyer involved from the beginning to avoid complications later on. Insurance companies would do anything possible to avoid paying compensation or to undercompensate you. A competent claims lawyer will make sure you get the best possible compensation. However, you need to alert them as soon as possible after the accident.

4. Listening to Insurance Claims Adjusters Without Your Lawyer

Insurance claims adjusters may not have your best interests at heart. But your lawyer does. Before talking to the insurance adjusters, talk to your slip and fall lawyer first. Most often, it’s not a good idea to talk to an insurance adjuster without your lawyer.

5. Not Recording Details of the Accident

After a slip and fall incidence, take detailed notes of what has just happened.  Write it all down. Also, collect as much evidence as possible. Take pictures of the scene, or videotape the scene, if you can. These details of the accident scene will come in handy when negotiating for a higher compensation payout.

6. Don’t Rant or Seek Sympathy on Social Media

It is sometimes tempting to tear down an establishment on social media for perceived negligence. Don’t do it. The best place to rant is with your lawyer beside you. Avoid the temptation to share your case on social media as this may open you up to counterclaims, especially if a company decides to sue you for defamation. Only speak to your lawyer and the doctor treating your injuries regarding the incident.

Compensation for a slip and fall accident depends on a number of factors. To increase your chances of getting the highest possible compensation, avoid these six mistakes.

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