3 Tips to Help You Find a Good Hair Salon

You may be looking for a new hair salon for various reasons. You may be unhappy about the current one you are using. Perhaps you have just moved into a new neighbourhood and don’t want to travel too far, or perhaps you have just moved to the province. The relationship you have with your stylist is a special one and they can be so helpful once they get to know you, which they will.

It is a pretty intimate setting after all and as you both talk, your stylist gets to know your personality and can help you make suggestions regarding your hair. Let’s look at some tips on finding a new hair salon.

1. Look At A Salon’s Condition

As you walk around and notice a hair salon, you decide to go in to check it out. When you do, take a quick look around you and see what the condition of the salon is like. There will be hair on the floor, especially if it is busy. However, if the floors are dirty, if the mirrors are dirty and if it isn’t all that busy and the floors have not been swept, take this as a sign that you should walk away. It just goes to show that the staff do not have a good work ethic.

This could mean they do not look after the tools of their trade and that’s not good news for you is it? If someone is going to work on your hair, you want them to be clean and have a good work ethic. Why would you want to go to a place and feel uncomfortable?

2. Check Out The Staff

When you walk into a hair salon, try to assess the staff and get a ‘feel’ for them and the place. See if they are nice to work with and see how they treat you. You want to work with a stylist with whom it is easy to communicate and who is understanding and experienced. There are some stylists who can be a little forceful and think they know it all. They want to do what THEY want to do. What you want is of little consequence to them. How can you work with someone like that? If you are a little timid, you won’t say anything and you’ll end up with something you never asked for.

If you are an assertive person, it will probably escalate into a heated argument. Why go through this? While checking out potential salons, see if the staff make you feel comfortable and are willing to listen to your needs.

3. Making Several Appointments

Though this is time-consuming and it will cost you, you could try out a few places and have something really simple done. This way, you can assess the stylists. You don’t have to have anything drastic done; this way, nothing much about your hairstyle will change. Consider it a test drive. You never know; you may be very happy about the first place and you may decide to stick with them. This method gives you a chance to see the big picture.

Each place you go to, ask questions about your style and what would suit your facial features. They can suggest something that goes with your personality and lifestyle also. Remember, it’s not just about finding a good stylist but the two of you must also click; you must make a connection. Once this happens, you’ve found your new hair salon.

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