5 Questions You Must Ask Your Car Rental Agency

Cars are pretty darn expensive in most cases. Anyone who has borrowed or rented something expensive knows that there is a certain amount of stress that comes along with doing so, especially if you are not exactly confident in your preservation skills.

Once you take a car from the rental lot, you may feel an overbearing sense of pressure not to crash into the nearest object that you come across. This makes the entire experience pretty harrowing for some people.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to make the process much easier on the nerves, such as asking the right questions before renting your vehicle. What are the right questions, though? Let’s discuss five good questions to ask a car rental agency before renting a car.

1. What Insurance is Included?

It isn’t uncommon for a rental company to tack on the insurance of their choosing to your bill. It also is not uncommon for you to not really want that type of insurance for a variety of reasons. Why would you want to pay for it, then? By inquiring about what kind of insurance, if any, is included in your rental, you may be able to avoid paying extra for something you do not need.

2. What Fuel Does the Car Require?

There are certain things that are necessary to know before driving a car. How to drive is a pretty important one. The difference between left and right comes in handy on occasion. Knowing what kind of fuel the car requires is also extremely helpful, as it makes the car go and putting in the wrong type can really mess it up. If you do happen to harm the car by using the wrong fuel, then you will be the one paying for it, so just ask about the fuel to make sure what you’ll be needing.

3. Where is the Nearest Gas Station?

Some contracts require you to refuel the car before returning it, which makes sense. However, it also makes sense to fill it up before returning it, even if you are not required to. It’s just courteous, right? Well, by asking about the nearest gas station, you will know exactly where to stop on your way in, which is very convenient when you want to just drop the car off and go.

4. Where Should I Park Upon Return?

Running with the theme of quickly finishing the rental upon return from the last entry, it is always a good idea to know exactly where you will be taking the car when you get back. Whether you park out front, behind the building, or in a garage, knowing the spot will help you save time in getting your car back quickly. Some rental companies are a bit strict on where the car actually is when your time is up, so knowing this might just save you a late fee in a desperate moment of racing against the clock.

5. What are the Specific Fees?

It can be mighty frustrating when you follow every rule and condition to the letter, yet still find a hidden fee on your bill when everything is said and done. In order to avoid this, you should ask directly exactly what you will be charged for, and whether there are any potential fees that you may be facing for certain conditions. It is far better to know everything up front than to get a nasty surprise later on down the line, right?

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