7 Common Sense Tips Before You Wear a Mascot Costume

Mascots are a compelling marketing force. You can see them everywhere, from sporting events to shopping malls, as they entertain or try to entice customers to buy products and services. Mascot costumes are distinct from other costumes in that they hide the identity of the wearer.

With their identity hidden, they are able to adopt the mascot’s personality without inhibition. The ability to maintain anonymity is perhaps the most exciting part of being a mascot.

But what does it take to wear a mascot costume? To be an effective mascot, there are a number of things you should know about wearing the costume safely and comfortably to maximize fun and impact.

1. The Purpose of Wearing a Mascot

Mascots are used for a variety of purposes. These include entertainment during sporting events and for promotional purposes with the aim of attracting customers. They are also used during parades and community events. Major public holidays such as Christmas and Easter also feature various variations of the Santa mascot and the Easter Bunny, respectively. Mascots are also popular during Halloween parties and during private events such as birthday parties. The purpose of an event, therefore, determines the type of mascot to wear.

2. A Mascot Costume Is Heavy

A mascot costume is usually bulkier and heavier than other costumes. The headpiece is especially noticeably huge. Getting used to the additional weight and bulk takes time. For this reason, the costume should be comfortable enough to allow both free and safe movements.

3. It Takes Practice

You will need enough practice wearing a mascot costume before you can be comfortable with it. This will include getting used to the weight and adjusting to the sometimes limited visibility. You will also need to practice a few moves to get into the character of the mascot.

4. It’s Hot Inside a Mascot Costume

This is perhaps the most difficult part of wearing a mascot costume. You will simply have to get used to the heat. However, to make the heat more bearable, always stay hydrated prior to wearing the costume. You should also eat some energy giving foods (or snacks) before wearing the costume to compensate for the energy you will be using. Foods with high carb content are highly recommended. You should also wear light clothing before wearing the mascot costume.

5. Make Sure the Costume Fits Perfectly

This is very important. An ill-fitting mascot costume can be very uncomfortable, even harmful. You should also make sure you are well covered. The last thing you want is to have any member of your body sticking outside the costume … if you know what I mean. To be on the safe side and to avoid embarrassment, strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly wear your mascot costume.

6. Wear a Cooling Vest

To keep the heat out and enhance your comfort, wear a chilled neck wrap or a cooling vest. Besides making you feel comfortable and cool, a cooling vest also extends the life of your costume. Having an extra cooling vest and neck wrap is encouraged, especially since you may need to change them during the rest sessions.

7. Make Sure It’s Clean and Dry

Your mascot costume should be properly cleaned and dry before you wear it. Since you will be inside it for a considerable time, it makes sense to wear it clean and dry. You don’t want to wear a smelling costume as this could be very uncomfortable.

Wearing a mascot costume is exciting. The feeling of invisibility allows you to fully express the mascot’s character without inhibition. However, to enjoy being the mystery personality inside the costume, make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

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