7 Smart Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Real Estate Website

In today’s digital world, your real estate CRM software and your real estate website are your tow most powerful marketing tools. The CRM software is your primary contact management tool, while the website is the hub of your inbound marketing efforts.

However, you can’t just “set it and forget it” when it comes to your website. You need to put work into it to ensure your audience finds it. What kind of work? If you don’t want to collect digital cobwebs on your website, here are some smart ways you can drive more traffic to your real estate website.

1. Create Organic Content

Organic content shouldn’t be underestimated. Though posting original, valuable organic content on your website will be time-intensive and will take time to generate results, it will be worth it in the long run. The more content you post, the more relevant and up to date your website will look. Every new page of content is also another opportunity to implement on-site SEO, and it’s one more page search engines can index. Over time, you should find that your website shows up on more searches conduct on sites like Google. This will meaningfully increase your exposure and drive more traffic to your website.

2. Make It Mobile Friendly

These days, more searches are made on mobile devices than on desktop computers. A mobile-friendly website will ensure your visitors have a positive user experience once they reach your home page. They’ll be able to see your text, see your images, and click on your links. Plus, Google now favours websites that are mobile friendly. If your site isn’t, it likely won’t show up in search listings when people search with their mobile phones. Building a mobile-friendly site is an easy way to ensure you’re maximizing your traffic opportunities.

3. Target Local Keywords

If you service a specific city, you want to make sure you show up in searches for that local area—not for searches being conducted in a different country. That’s why it’s so important to target local keywords such as [city] real estate, [city] homes for sales, and [city] realtor. The large majority of people looking to buy or sell will start a search with the name of the city, so make sure you show up by using some of these local keywords and keyword phrases on your website.

4. Offer Valuable Content

There are many real estate agents marketing their services online today—and many of them are in your area. How do you start out and ensure home buyers and sellers choose to work with you? Offer them something of value. Create valuable content such as an e-book on home prices in the area or a whitepaper on the do’s and dont’s of selling a home. Not only will they find your website when they search for this type of information, but if you gate these content offers, you can then gain their contact information in exchange for the offer. This can effectively turn your visitors into leads.

5. Get Listed on Directories

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Real estate directories get thousands, if not millions, of views every month from prospective home buyers and sellers looking for realtors to work with. To get more traffic to your site, make an effort to get listed in these directories.

6. Optimize Your Bio

If you work with a brokerage house, you likely have a bio on that website. This is a great opportunity to optimize for your name—people will search for your name online—and provide contact information and a link back to your website.

7. Use Social Media

Finally, take advantage of social media. If you’re already posting on different sites, make sure you’re adding a link back to your website in each post. It’s an easy way to direct more traffic to your website.

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