5 Tips for Designing Effective Product Labels

You might have a great product, but your sales will suffer if it doesn’t look appealing to customers. Label design is crucial for communicating your brand message, capturing the attention of shoppers and maximizing the selling volume of your product. Here are five essential tips to help you design great product labels.

1. Choosing or creating the right font

Your product name, description and brand messaging will be presented in text. Font style and size is an important factor for creating a sense of your brand image. The font should be easy to read, and the style should fit the product. For branding purposes, it’s best to use the same font on the label as you have used with other products, in advertisements and on your website. When designing or choosing a font, select one that is unique when compared with competitors while still conveying the right feeling that suits the product. Find more online information and resources at the The Printing House website.

2. Simplicity is effective

A clean, simple design allows your text to pop out and be noticed more easily by customers. A simple design with good use of blank space is important for the overall aesthetic and conveys a sense of elegance or a more modern, fresh image. Also, you don’t want your text to be difficult to read or too small because people often read ingredients or nutritional information when they see a product for the first time.

3. Choosing a good color scheme

When creating a color scheme, it’s vital to understand how to choose hues that look pleasing together and to have a good contrast of light and dark for text. Sometimes a tiny bit of color against a mostly monochrome background will pop out more than labels that are saturated with numerous colors. It’s also important to understand colors that customers associate with things such as purple for grape or red for spicy foods.

4. Create a unique label shape

Try not to use the same oval or rectangle shape that similar products have because they tend to make yours look generic or cheap. A creative shape that fits the contours of the container will grab attention and project a greater sense of artistry and higher quality.

5. Convey brand-specific ideas

Think about what sets your product apart from your competitors, and highlight those characteristics in your label message, colors and shape. Think about the target market and what would appeal to people of their age group or the interests they have. Humor could be a great tool for some people while gravitas or top-tier quality selling points could be a better approach for others.

Effective product labels are one of the most powerful tools you have for selling your product. Understanding the nuances of label design and following the tips provided here will ensure that all the hard work of creating your business pays off when customers see your product.

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