8 Important Skills Needed to Be an Entrepreneur

That the world has changed since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan, China in 2019 is indisputable. Businesses have had to adapt to the realities of working at home and leveraging technology to complete tasks, hold meetings and manage employees.

Below are the nine important skills needed to be an entrepreneur:

1. Leadership Skills

Leadership skills is one of the most important skills needed to be an entrepreneur. With fast and furious changes in technology and rapidly evolving innovations, one must be quick on their feet. You need the ability to make decisions in the middle of processes and unfolding scenarios.

As such, to be a competitive 21st-century entrepreneur you have to be both flexible and highly organized. Thinking, planning, and organizing are what you do constantly. These are critical leadership skills you need, and it can be developed in an entrepreneurship program. Besides, you should be an excellent communicator with a knack for leading teams effectively.

2. Analytical Skills

Business is a numbers game. Understanding statistics and numbers are critical for every successful entrepreneur. To project the future of your business, you need an analytical mind. You must be able to analyze profit and loss financial statements to keep your business thriving.

This is critical, especially in 2021 when companies have been forced to downsize or streamline operations in response to COVID-19-induced challenges.

3. Influencing Skills

As an entrepreneur, “everything rises and falls on leadership.” Leadership is the ability to influence others towards a shared vision. As the leader of your business, you should be able to motivate and encourage employees by rewarding exemplary performance. The ability to influence is also tied up with another critical skill that you need to succeed in 2021: communication.

4. Communication Skills

If the instructions are not clear and, as a result, tasks are misunderstood, the leader is to blame. But if the instructions are clear but the employee still doesn’t understand the task, there may have been a failure in communication. Tasks must not only be clear, but they must also be effectively communicated.

A great 2021 entrepreneur is an excellent communicator. You must have above-average verbal and interpersonal communication skills. Don’t just assume that instructions will be understood. Communicate them as clearly and forcefully as possible to leave no chance of misunderstanding. Of course, great communication stem from a thoughtful, rational, and logical mind.

5. Problem-Solving Skills

2020 was replete with immense challenges for entrepreneurs. Businesses were closed down or downsized as COVID-19 hit hard. Some of the businesses never reopened. In 2021, businesses are reopening as the pandemic starts to ease off. These disruptions have resulted in serious challenges for many businesses. Entrepreneurs have survived due to their ability to solve problems during a pandemic.

An ability to evaluate and analyze difficult situations is critical among businesses that have managed to stay afloat. Problem-solving is, therefore, an essential skill that entrepreneurs in 2021 and beyond must possess.

6. Management Skills

Management deals with the administration and the coordination of tasks towards a common goal. It involves coming up with a strategic plan and executing it to achieve the objectives of the business. This is a critical skill that requires a high level of organization and coordination.

An entrepreneur must be an extremely organized person. They work from an organizational structure that clearly stipulates who is responsible for what and the appropriate deliverables.

7. Teamwork Skills

The 2021 entrepreneur thrives on teamwork. While there is no “I” in TEAM, at least there is “m” and “e” (me), which stands for ‘mentor’. The team leader must be first and foremost a mentor to the team.

He or she must model leadership by way of showing them how to complete tasks. By understanding the needs of the team, the entrepreneur can align their abilities with appropriate tasks.

8. Flexibility Skills

Being flexible is a critical skill that every entrepreneur needs, especially in 2021 on the back of a stubborn pandemic. Business is all about taking risks. What this means is that one has to be flexible when the situation calls for it. Sometimes you have to make decisions midstream.

This is not the time to be obstinate or dogmatic. As long as you have the right information to simulate all possible scenarios, you can change course whenever the situation calls for it. You need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances to succeed in business.

Businesses in 2021 require astute entrepreneurs with critical skills. With the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, knowing how to navigate the turbulent economic waters and downturns will determine which businesses stay afloat and which ones go under.

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