Five Things to Look for in Quality Enterprise Content Management

Knowledge is power, which is why it’s so important to have a powerful data storage system at your disposal. This is why it is so important to invest in a solid electronic content management system. Let’s take a quick look at a few key reasons why these elements of data capture and storage are an essential part of offices across Canada and the world.

1. Improved Accessibility

As we move to an ever more globalized economy, it becomes more important to ensure that employees and clients across the globe can access files at the touch of a button. ECM systems and data extraction software can do just that, allowing employees in Montreal, Manchester, Moscow, and Mumbai to scan and access the same digitized files.

2. Save Space

Storing all that paperwork isn’t just a hassle, it creates clutter and takes away space that your company could use for other things. Instead of wasting space on a ton of bureaus for holding endless amounts of paper forms, simply digitize them and store them in the cloud instead.

3. Keeping Your Files Safe

You don’t want just anyone to access your files. That’s why the best ECMs encrypt files so only you and your associates can access them, providing a degree of security greater than any physical lock. This is due to:

  • Better encryption software
  • Stronger passwords
  • More advanced cloud technology
  • More experience on the part of users

4. File Legibility

One of the big knocks on data capture in the past was that you simply could not tell what the files actually said once you scanned them into the system. The text would be too blurry and the files weren’t very readable. However, that’s changed in a big way nowadays. Files can be scanned and uploaded with picture perfect accuracy, making it that much easier to scan files and have them read by anyone you wish anywhere in the world as though they had the hardcopy right in front of them.

5. Increased Editability

In addition to the files being more legible, the toolbox for editing them has grown over the years as well. You can now make edits to files much more easily than in the past, allowing users to share feedback from halfway around the world.

Data is at the core of our businesses, and you owe it to yourself to protect and share your data with clients and employees as quickly and efficiently as possible – and the best data collection and dissemination clouds and systems allow you to do just that.

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