Five Accessories Every Man Needs In Their Wardrobe

Simply putting a little bit of effort in your appearance thrusts you into the top percentage of men. Far too many men feel comfortable wearing sweatpants, pajamas and other casual wear in public. If you want to stand out from the pack, start with your wardrobe.

Regardless of your age, occupation or lifestyle, the following five accessories are things every man needs in their wardrobe. Use these five tips to help you strategically build a quality wardrobe.

1. Invest In A Versatile Shoe Rotation

Every man needs options when it comes to shoes. You don’t need to have a closet full of shoes, but it’s important to build your shoe collection strategically. In addition to your sneakers for everyday use, you need a classic pair of oxford dress shoes. Oxford dress shoes pair great with chinos, jeans and of course dress pants. Getting a brown and black pair of dress shoes is a good place to start.

After investing in your shoes, remember to take care of them. Keeping your shoes hydrated, protected and clean makes in your investment lasts for years. If you choose shoes made with quality materials, you shouldn’t have any troubles with odors trapped in your shoe after a long day. Cleaning and rotating your shoes on a regular basis will help them last for years.

2. Get A High Quality Leather Bag

Leather bags are a staple of a well-dressed man. There’s no sense in putting a ton of effort into your outfit only to show up lugging the same backpack you used in high school. A high-quality leather bag is appropriate for both casual events and events where you need to dress up a little.

If you want your leather bag to have that classic, weathered look (known as patina) you need to make sure you’re buying top quality leather. Bags made from bonded leather (scrap pieces of leather put together) end up fading and peeling overtime which diminishes the look of your leather bag.

3. Establish A Go-To Outfit

Having a go-to outfit eliminates a lot of decision making on your part and makes dressing well an easy task. The key to a quality go-to outfit is to make sure each piece is replaceable. A classic outfit that still works well today is a black polo shirt, dark wash jeans, and white low top sneakers. This outfit is excellent since you can simply rotate the colors of your shirt and pants while effectively wearing the same outfit.

4. Get Yourself A Wallet Or Money Clip

Walking around with wads of receipts and cards in your pocket is unbecoming for the well-dressed man. A quality wallet or money clip can make all the difference in transporting your financial goods. Most men never stop to consider that wallets are an extension of our wardrobes. Whether you pull out a slick money clip or a jumble of cards and cash, both actions leave a lasting impression.

5. Quality Sock Rotation

To be well dressed, you should have socks for different occasions. If you work outdoors, it’s worth investing in heavy duty socks to protect your work shoes. On regular days you can wear white socks or ankle socks. When you’re dressing up for work or an event, invest in some quality dress socks. Quality dress socks will give you a snug fit, which prevents your skin from rubbing against your shoes while wicking moisture towards the exterior of the sock.

To warp up, all it takes is a little preparation to be well dressed. Paying attention to detail in the areas most people won’t puts you ahead of the curve. Keep these five tips in mind to enhance your wardrobe!

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