What Are the Hardest Construction Jobs?

Do you like to work with your hands and not mind getting dirty? How about working outside all day, regardless of the weather? Does the thought of building something and getting paid for it interest you? If you said yes to any of these questions, then a job in the construction industry might be the perfect fit.

Many different trades and workers make up a construction site. While they all put in a full day’s work, some tasks are more difficult than others. Numerous occupations are skilled trades. Meanwhile, others might be labour positions. Regardless of the job position, all involve tough work on a construction site. Construction is the type of job where you know you’ve done an honest day’s work. Your body lets you know the physical demands it has been under and the rest it requires.

However, don’t let hard work scare you if you consider working in the construction industry. It will keep you fit and give you a sense of pride, knowing you have contributed to the project’s construction. Plus, professional companies like Baycrest offer many kinds of construction jobs, ranging in various levels of difficulty. You will find the right job that matches your comfort needs.

Here is a list of the hardest construction jobs that you could do.

Hardest Construction Jobs

While all construction jobs are physically demanding, many require a more complex skill set and training than mainly brute force. These are trades that require specialized knowledge to master.

Here are the top three hardest construction jobs to master:

1. Electrician jobs

Working with electricity is a dangerous job requiring intensive training to do. You will be working on new construction, repairing and upgrading older buildings, and installing AC and telecommunication systems. Working on ladders, bending conduits, pulling wires and installing panels are the harder tasks. Still, it is a job that requires precision when working with large amounts of electrical energy.

2. Carpenter jobs

Being a carpenter is not far behind the skillset of an electrician. They are the ones framing the buildings, and every measurement has to be accurate so all other trades that follow can do their work properly. It is both physical and mental, working with dimensional lumber, forms and tools.

3. Safety officer jobs

This is a consecution position required on job sites for the safety and security of all workers. While a safety officer doesn’t physically build anything on the project, they are vital to keeping the work environment safe and keep the job running.

A safety officer has many responsibilities and must be up to date on all safety protocols, including fall restraint and fall arrest gear, guard rails and work protocols, and deliver safety programs and toolbox safety meetings. They also regularly inspect the worksite to identify and fix any safety issues and advise workers of unsafe practices.

There is extensive training required for this position, including a high level of first aid training.

Most Physically Demanding Construction Jobs

Let’s go over the construction jobs that take a lot of strength and agility. These are by no means unskilled positions because, on a construction site, everyone has a skill set that syncs up with all other workers to bring the job to completion.

Here is a list of the three most physically demanding construction jobs:

1. Roofer jobs

Many say that this is the most demanding and dangerous construction job. You are working in great heights and extreme temperatures all day in the elements. The material you are working with is heavy and dirty, and you are on your feet the whole time. A roofer tends to get injured more often than other workers, and the annual fatalities are higher too.

2. Iron worker jobs

This job is mental and physical, but you work with material that is usually too hard to lift without machinery. Often the job requires you to be up in the air, hanging off beams and columns as you attach and weld heavy framing components. Injuries tend to be high with this trade as well.

3. Labourer jobs

A labourer is a special position that can range from general cleanup to skills in driving forklifts and building scaffolds. It is a construction job with workers constantly carrying heavy material and preparing and cleaning up work areas where tradespeople come to perform their work.

It can be dusty and dirty, and you are always moving. While there is no apprenticeship as in a formal trade, there is a wide range of skills required to do your job successfully and ensure the job site is safe for others to do their work.

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