4 Reasons to Introduce Kickboxing to Your Exercise Routine

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working out for years or if you’re new to exercising; kickboxing is a great way to strengthen your body. Kickboxing combines martial arts techniques with intense cardio to create powerful workouts that give you results. Even if your primary discipline is another sport (powerlifting, basketball, football, etc.), kickboxing is an excellent addition to your workout routines. Check out these four reasons why you should add kickboxing to your exercise plans!

1. Kickboxing Is An Excellent Full Body Workout

Unless you’re a bodybuilder, it doesn’t make much sense to work out individual muscles on a daily basis. Full body workouts will show you the most results in both strength and appearance, especially if you’re a beginner.

Kickboxing uses all the muscles in your body while improving your cardio. Different kickboxing moves force you to engage all the muscles groups in your body which is excellent for making strength and size gains. Kickboxing will improve your coordination, flexibility, and reflexes.

If you’re looking to lose fat, kickboxing is a great option. Kickboxing combines cardio with martial arts techniques which helps you improve your flexibility and burn calories. Aerobic exercise is closely linked to reducing belly fat, and you’ll get plenty of aerobic work during your kickboxing sessions.

2. You’ll Improve Your Self-Defense Skills

Self-defense is an obvious benefit that comes with your commitment to kickboxing. Don’t expect to win fights even after a few months of classes – the longer you stick with kickboxing, the more your defense skills will improve.

Even if you don’t intend to use your fighting techniques, just knowing how to defend yourself properly is an excellent way to improve your confidence. You’ll feel less anxiety in certain situations just by knowing you can get out of any situation safely. The goal of kickboxing isn’t to use your knowledge to harm people, however, self-defense is a benefit that’s closely linked with kickboxing.

3. Kickboxing Is A Healthy Way To Deal With Stress

Most people turn to alcohol, TV, and food to deal with anxiety and stress. Although you may feel tired after a long day at work, nothing will help you release stress better than an intense kickboxing session. Exercise is an excellent way to promote the release of endorphins and reduce stress.

Using kickboxing to deal with stress and aggression will also help you get a better night’s sleep. When your sleep improves, it’ll be easier to operate on a daily basis with mental clarity. Kickboxing is among the best methods for dealing with anger and stress.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, a hard kickboxing session is an excellent way to increase your natural energy levels. If you start to rely on coffee and energy drinks, your body will eventually begin to reject them. Intense exercise forces you to breathe hard and sweat out toxins, which improves your overall energy levels.

4. Kickboxing Will Improve Your Coordination And Posture

Posture is a huge problem in our society, especially if you work long hours in an office environment. Without constant physical activity, your shoulders will begin to roll forward, your ankles will get weak, and your back will start to hunch. Kickboxing is an excellent remedy for the symptoms of bad posture.

Kickboxing challenges different muscle groups that aren’t when you’re sitting at work all day. Kickboxing also strengthens your abdominal muscles which stabilizes how your body supports itself when you’re sitting up and standing. After a few weeks of classes, you’ll find it’s easier to stand up straight and move with ease.

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