Famous Old People: 7 Most Popular Famous Old Men

As they say, age is just a number. While this saying used to be more of a state of mind than a reasonable truth, it is becoming more and more applicable as time moves forward. With the advancement of medical science and the understanding of human biology, people of both genders are able to live longer and happier lives in retirement. Best of all, these seniors still retain their mental sharpness.

A good indication of this is to look at some of the successful men of today who are excelling at life despite their age. It appears that time is not slowing these seven men over the age of sixty down at all!

Here is a list of the seven most popular famous old men:

1. Bill Gates

At the age of 63, Bill Gates is a famous old man plowing through life while doing incredible things. As the principal founder of the Microsoft Corporation, Gates has been successful decades, and could have stopped right there for the rest of his life.

However, Mr. Gates has continued to contribute to the world as an investor, an author, philanthropist, and a humanitarian. His recent projects have been incredibly generous and effective in his desire to use his wealth to better the world, despite his age and overwhelming success.

2. Morgan Freeman

Born in 1937, this famous American actor has reached the age of 81 years old. This is a fact that may shock a few people, as Mr. Freeman seems to be as capable an actor as ever, and is still very active in life.

Over his years as an actor, he has left his mark on the film industry by starring in various iconic roles, and delivering his fair share of unforgettable lines in his signature voice. As he continues his acting pursuits well into his later years, there is always a chance that he may find one more career-defining role before retirement.

3. Steven Spielberg

There is a high chance that you have experienced the work of this groundbreaking director at some point in life. From Jaws to Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Mr. Spielberg has left massive impacts on both the film industry, and the childhoods of many people over the years.

Now at the age of 72, Spielberg is a famous old man still going strong. It seems as if he is always working on something new and exciting to light theaters up with, and his impressive list of acclaimed films seems to grow all the time.

4. Stephen King

Widely known as the first name in horror literature, Stephen King is apparently a publishing machine who simply can not stop writing new and intense stories. Currently at an estimated total of 59 novels, 200 short stories, and five non-fiction books, King is still releasing content regularly, as well as interacting with fans more often than not. Naturally, he even has plenty of content released under a pen name, as well.

At age 71, Mr. King continues to both terrify and inspire multiple generations with his work and is even capable of teaching many people about the ins and outs of the publishing business.

5. Samuel L. Jackson

An actor who seems to be in most films released these days, Samuel L. Jackson has been delivering role after memorable role for decades. From Disney films, to major film franchises such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars, and a peppering of top class acting performances in a variety of Quentin Tarantino films, Mr. Jackson has done a little bit of everything in his career.

Despite being planted firmly in the age of 70, Jackson is still starring in some of the biggest films of the year. All while also exploring smaller roles on the side. This is one actor whose career clearly has quite a few more places to go before its conclusion.

6. David Attenborough

An incredible 92 year old natural historian, Sir David Attenborough is one of the oldest famous men on this list. Sir Attenborough has dedicated a good chunk of his life to informing the masses of useful knowledge. This is a crusade that he continues to run with to this day.

Known for his intellect and understanding of the natural world, as well as his classic documentaries, Sir Attenborough is yet another fine example of a man using his time on Earth to the full extent in order to help those of the future.

7. Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart has had a long and interesting acting career spanning entire decades. As a 78 year old man, Sir Stewart still has a wonderful sense of humour and acting range that allows him to take roles of all kinds, whether they be dramatic, comedic, or something geared towards the action variety.

He has brought many beloved roles to life, and as such has gained a massive fanbase filled with people who simply cannot wait to see what he does next. There is a good chance that those same fans will stick with the terrific actor up until a time when he decides that he has acted his last scene.

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