7 Simple and Cool College Apartment Ideas for Guys

For those who are pursuing post-secondary education, life can be pretty remarkable. New friends are to be made, in addition to living an independent lifestyle. In regards to this latter point, you may also be looking for a student apartment that is conveniently near your campus.

For guys, the interior design inside these quarters will look much different than their female counterparts. Depending on the specific style, some modern student apartments can look really chic or extremely extravagant. You want the college apartment ideas to look effortlessly cool, yet simple enough to implement.

If you are a male trying to find a middle ground in terms of design, check out these cool college apartment ideas for guys:

Idea #1: Neutral colours

No matter what apartment you find yourself in, there are a few preliminary factors that matter. For all intents and purposes, colour is one of the most important characteristics for any college apartment ideas. Most guys will not want to go too overboard with their interior’s colour. That is why it is recommended to stick with a few hues.

Staying as neutral as possible, as it pertains to colour choice, is suggested for most guys. Shades of white, black, or grey will work best, especially if you plan on keeping things minimal. Unless you are trying to go for something really outlandish in your student apartment, you should stick with these specific options.

Idea #2: Curtains

Curtains are often overlooked when planning your college apartment ideas, but they have an understated effect that can transform your living space. It’s important to distinguish the differences between blinds and curtains. Many interior design experts discourage the use of blinds when it comes to apartments.

Blinds only work in some instances, whereas curtains have a significant leg-up as an alternative. For starters, a good pair of curtains filter the sun’s rays. This is incredibly useful, since you won’t be negatively affected by the incoming blinding light.

Another unconventional advantage of curtains is that they filter sound. The fabric that is used to make the curtains is able to eliminate all audible echoes in your apartment. This is especially true if your space is big. Curtains don’t have to be reserved for one gender; guys should also consider them to amplify their sleep schedules!

Idea #3: Lighting

When the sunlight is not adequate enough, you’ll most likely have to get some secondary lighting sources. Thankfully, you don’t have to go too overboard with different apparatuses. Guys should consider getting an overhead light source for their ceiling. This can help illuminate the main living space, for work or studying purposes.

If you are trying to go for a more minimalist-esque design, you should also get a few corner lamps. A good corner lamp can help accentuate the amount of lighting present in your room, for example. Depending on how your space is setup, you should definitely experiment accordingly.

Idea #4: Rugs

Most student apartments will have some sort of hardwood flooring. As such, you’ll want to both protect your feet and decorate the surface. Try to incorporate a couple rugs in the most trafficked areas of your space. For those guys who want to keep a consistent theme in and around their apartment, use a specific coloured rug.

Your rugs should remain in line with how your walls are painted, for instance. That way, it won’t stick out like a sore thumb whenever you decide to have guests over! On those colder nights specifically, you’ll want to be able to rest your feet on something warm.

Idea #5: Wall Rack

Guys love their shoes. There will usually be a good number of pairs lying in wait at their door, waiting to be worn. In other cases, a guy might have various accessories that need to be grabbed in quick fashion. Why not have a compartment stationed by your door that can house all of these items?

A wall rack with baskets is the best solution to this scenario. Simply have one lean against your wall next to your door, and drop all of your items inside one of the baskets. Wall racks are generally inexpensive as well, and can be purchased at any one of your local department stores.

Idea #6: Desk And Chair

For those late night study sessions, you’ll want to make sure you have a good desk in your apartment. You don’t want to resort to studying on your bed after all. A good, ergonomically-designed chair will also do wonders for your body and posture as well.

Idea #7: Personal Accessories

If your college apartment is far from your family’s home, you’ll need a few reminders of your former stomping grounds. Keep a few family photos in your living space. These will help to personalize your overall apartment. Don’t forget to call your parents every so often!

Living in an apartment, especially during your post-secondary tenure, is an exciting time in your life. Don’t just leave your interior bland, however, especially if you are a male. There will always be areas that can be spruced up to match your personality. Plus, it allows your inner creative to come out and put your imagination to work!

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