5 Tips to Remember Before Your Big Moving Day

Moving businesses have dealt with a diverse array of customers for a long time. Many of them are great, but some of them are irksome. The former is kind, prepared, and ready to go. The latter is uncouth, unprepared, and unsure what to do. It can be extremely frustrating for the movers, especially when they have another job to do a few hours later.

To minimize the anxiety that comes with transferring your stuff from point A to point B, the moving industry has several tips that you should remember to ensure the big day is easy.

So, what can you do to make everything perfect? First, take a deep breath. Second, get ready. Here are five tips that you can share with your movers ahead of the big move:

1. Be Honest When Booking an Appointment

Whether it is because they think they can get a cheaper quote or because they are embarrassed by how difficult the move will be, customers tend to be dishonest when booking an appointment.

For instance, if the client lives on the fourth floor in an apartment building without an elevator, they might say that it’s only a couple of flights of stairs. Or, if the individual has a three-bedroom home, they may note that they only have furniture that fit two bedrooms.

This is unfair to the movers. Just be honest with what you have: don’t underestimate, don’t approximate, and don’t give rough ballparks.

2. This is an Opportunity to Declutter & Purge

It isn’t the moving company’s business, but industry experts suggest that your move serves as an opportunity to declutter and purge.

As you start packing and get prepared for the big day, you can toss out stuff that you haven’t seen since you graduated college or a pair of pants that you haven’t worn since you were a few sizes smaller. Of course, you should not do this the day of the move, but you should do it in the days leading up to the big day.

3. Label Everything & Take Inventory

One of the most frustrating parts of moving is trying to find everything once you start unpacking.

There is a simple solution to this conundrum: label everything.

Every little box, every big box. Every little tote, every big tote. You should slap a clear label on any carrier that’s going from your old residence to your new humble abode.

Moreover, once you initiate the packaging scheme, you should take inventory of what you have. Then, when you arrive to your new destination and you unpack, you should take inventory again.

4. Get Ready for Your Movers Ahead of the Big Day

Do you want to irk your movers? Then don’t be prepared on the day the movers arrive – this includes being frazzled, getting stressed out, and having everything in disarray.

On the other hand, if you want to make the lives of the movers easier and you want to ensure the big move goes off without a hitch, then you should be well prepared in advance. This consists of having the boxes ready, the furniture covered, and ready to enter your new dwelling.

5. Please Tip in Cash to Each Mover

It is recommended that you tip the movers 15 percent of the total bill. Also, you should tip each mover in cash, not just pay by credit card or debit card to the moving company.

In addition, you should try to treat your movers, too. If it is a hot day, it would be hospitable to give them plenty of water. If it is a cold day, it would be kind of you to give them some hot coffee or hot chocolate.

Remember, moving is a tough racket. Any little bit of alleviation goes a long way.

Legendary comedian George Carlin had a bit years ago about how we have too much stuff and life would be easier if we didn’t have anything because we’d just walk around all day.

One of the worst aspects of living is moving. It causes headaches, financial strains, and pressure. But moving doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence as you may think it is. With a little bit of preparation, decluttering, and honesty, your move can be a sublime experience.

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