4 Ways On How To Get More Out Of A Vape Session

When it comes to enjoying a good vaporizer, it is essential to understand how to use it the right way. This isn’t easy for the average person and a lot of people make “beginner” mistakes along the way.

Here are the best ways on how to get more out of a session while ensuring the vaporizer works like a charm. These ways are ideal for beginners and experienced users that want to optimize their setup.

1) Clean the Tank Every Week

The e-liquid tank can start to get dirty due to repetitive use and that’s normal. However, one of the worst mistakes a user can make is to ignore this issue and assume it is not going to have an impact on upcoming sessions. Instead, the problem only worsens as time goes on and it is best to nip the issue in the bud right away.

To do this, it is best to clean the tank at least once per week, especially for those who are using it every day. Otherwise, it is also okay to clean it bi-weekly. The Dashvapes is a useful source for more information and insights.

2) Use Different Tanks for Different Flavors

A common trick that goes unnoticed has to do with using different e-liquid tanks. This means using a different tank for each flavor. What is the purpose of doing this and why is it beneficial? The idea is to ensure the tank doesn’t ruin the flavor because of what was in it before. The aftertaste can start to take away from a session and that is the last thing anyone wants.

3) Keep an Extra Set of Batteries Ready to Go

Battery life is a major point to keep in mind and the only way to get past this problem is to have extra batteries. While modern vaporizers are right on par with what a device should offer but it is still important to stay safe. The goal is to know a session isn’t going to come to a halt because the vaporizer died. Simply replace the battery with a spare and know the session is going to continue for as long as it needs to.

4) Rotate Flavors to Avoid “Vapor’s Tongue” 

Vapor’s tongue refers to the idea of not tasting the e-liquid due to repetitive use. Even with the best vaporizer in the world, this is a legitimate concern that leads to people getting frustrated. If this is something a person wants to avoid, it is highly recommended to start rotating between flavors. This means every few days, it is best to use another type of flavor. This will refresh the tongue and make it easier for the taste buds to flare up again.

This is what it takes to get more out of a vape session. Anyone that is serious about maximizing their session and wants to have a bit of fun should implement these tricks right away. They are going to provide impressive results and the session is going to be ten times better than it otherwise would have been.

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