7 Benefits of Using Shopify

Shopify is a popular platform that allows entrepreneurs to easily create and run their e-commerce businesses. It could be the right choice if you have a product you want to sell and need a website and an online store.

Whether you want to do everything yourself or to use Shopify fulfillment services to make things a bit easier, here are seven benefits of using Shopify you should be aware of.

Benefit #1: The Shopify platform is easy to use

Not everyone has the skills or the time to build an online store from scratch, and the team behind Shopify knows it. Their platform makes setting up and using your online store very simple.

Shopify’s user-friendly interface lets you quickly set up your website and store. There is no need to know how to code. All you need to know is what you want your online store to look like.

Shopify stores are also easy to navigate for customers who want to shop online.

Benefit #2: Different themes help you make your website look great

Shopify makes it possible for you to create a functional and simple website. But you also want your website to look great and allow you to showcase your brand.

Shopify offers different themes you can customize with your photos, colours and logo. And if you don’t like the themes offered on the platform, you could get someone to design one specifically for your business.

If you already have a website and just want an online store, you should be able to make it match your current website’s style.

Benefit #3: It allows you to accept many types of payment

It can be frustrating for shoppers when they want to buy something, but the online store doesn’t accept their favourite payment method.

With a Shopify e-commerce store, that will not be a problem. Your store will accept a variety of methods of payment, including credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

Plus, Shopify allows you to sell your products to buyers worldwide if you want to, which means your store can accept multiple currencies.

The platform is all about making things as simple as possible for you but also for your customers.

Benefit #4: Your website will be safe and reliable

Another benefit of using Shopify is that your website will be safe and reliable. Buyers will know they can trust your business when they see Shopify hosts your online store.

All transactions conducted in your online store will be secure, and the private information of your customers will be safe, thanks to Shopify’s infrastructure.

You can also be sure your Shopify website will load very quickly. You won’t have to worry about potentially losing a sale because a customer is getting frustrated by a store that loads slowly. This will not happen with Shopify.

Benefit #5: You can easily integrate apps

If you want a website, you can customize it with apps, and you’ll be happy to know you can do that with Shopify. Integrating apps that add more features and functionalities to your online store is easy.

You can find apps that allow you to showcase or sell your products on social media, handle email marketing, print products on demand, receive customer reviews, or outsource Shopify fulfillment.

You can find many apps in the Shopify app store; integrating the ones you want into your shop will only take a moment.

Benefit #6: It has a feature called abandoned cart recovery

Shopify has some inbuilt features that help its users make more sales. One of them, which you might be familiar with if you often shop online, is called abandoned cart recovery.

If a buyer adds one of your products to their cart but forgets to pay or simply can’t conclude the transaction immediately, Shopify will eventually send them an email.

This simple reminder ensures that shoppers truly interested in buying from you will not forget items in their cart.

Benefit #7: You can rely on their customer support

Finally, many entrepreneurs choose Shopify because of their outstanding customer support. If you have any issues with your website, an expert will be available to help you and answer your questions.

You can quickly get help on the phone, via email, or on a chat platform.

In conclusion, if you want a website that is easy to set up and use, beautiful, reliable, secure, and efficient, you should try Shopify.

This platform can allow your business to grow as much as you want: Shopify is trusted by small entrepreneurs and large, well-known companies.

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