4 Best Qualities of the Siberian Husky

You make the smart decision to get a dog for your family and know that it will make them very happy. After talking to family, friends, and colleagues, you start to see that breeds such as labradors, retrievers, and shepherds are popular family dogs. While these are smart choices because of their warm personalities, loyalty, and fondness of children, another breed that is gaining popularity that also has these desired traits are Siberian huskies.

From Northeast Asia, these types of dogs are characterized by pointy ears, distinct eyes, and a thick coat of fur that can be white, black, silver, or blue in colour. There are many other reasons to consider bringing home a Siberian husky puppy to meet the family.

1. Active

One of the main reasons that people choose a husky puppy is because of how active the breed is. As most people know, huskies are world-renowned for their ability to pull sleds and carts even in the harshest of weather. However, huskies are so much more than work dogs, proving to be the ideal family pet.

Huskies enjoy the outdoors and a puppy would definitely love to accompany you and your family when running, hiking, camping, and spending time getting fresh air in some open fields. This type of breed is known for being an open-minded traveler, meaning new sights and sounds do not upset them at all. No matter where you go, your puppy will acclimatize to its surroundings.

2. Friendly

Most families want a dog that is friendly and mild-mannered, not one that is mean all the time and bites on occasion. As a result, adopting a husky puppy is beneficial because of how loyal, friendly, and playful they are.

Unless you are looking for a dog that will be expected to guard your home or business, a husky puppy is a great choice because they are friendly to everyone they come across. When someone comes to your door, a husky may let out a howl or a short bark but will greet your guests with love and compassion every time. Huskies are also very good with children. If a young child gets too rough with a husky, the dog is usually very tolerant, gentle, and easy-going, meaning you will not have to worry about growling and biting.

3. Smart

While puppies that are clumsy and silly are endearing, you and your family probably want one that will eventually mature and become smart enough to be house-trained and obey commands.

Adopting a husky puppy will provide you with a dog that is known to be smart. Huskies have proven to be easy to house-train and pick up on commands from its owners very quickly. Bringing home a husky will also provide you and your family with a dog notorious for keeping itself very clean. This means you can avoid bathing your husky more than about twice per year which is essential for their thick coat.

4. Beautiful

There are many dog breeds available for your consideration that will be elegant and appealing to you. However, choosing a husky will give you a breed recognized around the world for its striking features.

A husky’s coat can come in many different colours including blue, black, white, silver, and even red in rare occasions. Their eyes can differ greatly as well with green, blue, and brown being common. Some huskies have different colours in each eye, making them unique and even more beautiful. Joined with their attentive, perky ears and fluffy tail, a husky puppy is guaranteed to be appealing and irresistible to anyone he/she comes across.

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