6 Best Alternatives to Storage Units

It often seems like renting or buying a storage unit is the only option when you need to put your boxes and furniture somewhere between moves or when you simply have too much stuff for the size of your home.

But is it? Whether you want to save some money or are simply looking for a better option, here are six alternatives to storage units.

1. Consider the storage space you already have

Before you think about storing some of your stuff somewhere else, take a moment to consider the space you already have inside your home. Do you have a basement, an attic, or just a closet where you might be able to fit some boxes?

You could also store items under your bed, on top of your cabinets, or even behind your couch. These options might not be convenient, but they could do the trick if you need a short-term alternative to renting a storage unit.

Even if you live in a small apartment, you could have more storage space than you think. Many apartments come with access to a storage area, and this could be what you need to keep your extra stuff.

2. Get rid of items you don’t need

Take a moment to ask yourself why you have extra stuff in the first place. Are you holding on to some items just because they have sentimental value? Did you keep your old couch after buying a new one, just in case you might need it someday? Is your home cluttered with things you don’t need and don’t even like?

See if there are some things you could get rid of instead of looking for some space to store them. You surely have some items you could sell, give to someone you know, donate to charity, or simply throw away.

You might then realize that you don’t need extra storage after all.

3. Ask a friend or a neighbour for help

If you only need a temporary alternative to storage units, you could ask a friend, a family member, or even a neighbour if they have some storage space you could use. They might be willing to keep some boxes for you while you move or renovate your home.

You might also be able to find someone who could be interested in borrowing some of the items you need to put into storage.

For example, if you have an extra set of chairs and learn that your cousin is looking to buy some chairs, you could lend him yours for some time. This way, you will both be able to save some money.

4. Rent a portable storage container

One of the best alternatives to storage units is portable storage containers. Portable storage containers can be rented, just like storage units. But the difference is that the company will deliver your portable storage container rentals to your driveway.

You can then pack your stuff in it. Depending on your preferences, you can leave the locked container on your driveway for some time, or the company can take it to their storage facilities for you.

A portable storage container is similar to a storage unit, except that you don’t have to rent a truck to bring your boxes and furniture in for storage.

5. Buy a shed or build one

If you own a house and plan to live there for a long time, buying a shed or building one could be a good idea.

A shed is ideal for storing things you don’t use very often. And since it stays on your property, you don’t have to go very far if ever you need something you have stored inside it.

It’s also less expensive than renting a storage unit. Once you have paid for your shed or the materials you need to build it, it will be yours forever.

6. Remodel your home so you can have an attic or a garage

Finally, if money is not an issue, you can remodel your home to get an attic, a garage, or both. These extra rooms will give you plenty of storage space, and you could even become the helpful friend who allows friends to store some boxes in their homes.

Of course, building an attic or a garage is a big investment. But it could be cheaper than renting a big storage unit for years, and it will add some value to your home.

As you can see, there are different alternatives to storage units. The best option for you depends on your storage needs and your budget.

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