10 Best Cycling Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

How can you show your dad that you appreciate him this year, especially around the time of Father’s Day? If he’s an avid cyclist, then getting him a cycling gift might be easier than you thought. Yes, he has his bike and his trusty helmet, but what else could you buy him to make his rides just that little bit more comfortable? Not only that, but he will love that every time he uses or wears your gift out on a ride that he thinks of you.

Read on to get some inspiration for getting your cyclist dad the perfect gift. Below are the top ten best cycling gifts for dad:

1. Travel mug or water bottle

When riding for fun or on your father’s commute to work, he’ll need some water or a nice hot beverage when he gets to work. Did you know that a thermos can keep things cold as well as hot? Having some nice cold water at the end of a hot ride can be just the thing your father needs. For bonus points, make sure that the attachment to hold the mug or bottle to the bike is compatible with your dad’s bike.

2. Wearable tech

Wearable technology is among the best cycling gifts for dad. Fitbit, Apple watches and other wearable devices can track your Dad’s rides and his performance. They can provide detailed metrics on how long it takes to complete his route, average speed, heart rate and much more. This can be beneficial for the father who is looking to improve his physical fitness and challenge himself to do better each time.

3. Bicycle pump

This one might seem a little bit boring but a new bicycle pump or puncture repair kit can make a flat tire go from a major problem to a quick 5-minute job. Your father will be singing your praises all the way home after he easily repairs a flat tire. This is a great way to get in your dad’s good books for a while.

4. New helmet

A simple new helmet is sometimes the best cycling gift for dad. It goes without saying that a bicycle helmet is essential for any rider’s safety. When it comes to your father, you want him to be protected by nothing but the best gear.

A properly fitted new helmet can make all of the difference should your father get into an accident while riding his bike. You can also make it personal. With the wide variety of helmets out there you won’t have to go far to find one that is your dad’s favourite colour or brand.

5. Clothing

These don’t have to be tight fitting bicycle shorts, just a nice set of workout clothes that are comfortable to ride in could be the perfect gift. Clothing has come a long way in recent years when it comes to being breathable and sweat-wicking. This is also a way to casually upgrade your dad’s style as he rides around town. If he’s into bicycle shorts, then why not get him some of those too.

6. Sunglasses

Your dad might already have sunglasses, but what he won’t have is a pair of glasses that will hug his face as he navigates the city’s potholes or rocky outcroppings off road. A solid pair of sports sunglasses that will stay in place no matter what can do wonders.

7. Bike lock

These come in many shapes and sizes. You’ll need to consider where your dad usually locks up his bike to make sure that the lock you get him will work. Getting a lock that is secure enough is also important. When it comes to bike locks, you really do get what you pay for.

8. Lights

To be safe on the road, you need lights. There are a few different types that you can get, solar powered, rechargeable and battery powered at the most common. These can make all the difference in how safe your dad is on the road. Even if he insists that his bike already has lights, there is no harm in upgrading to the latest, greatest, and most importantly, safest lights available.

9. A new bell

A bicycle bell needs to be loud enough and easy to use that the rider can activate it without even thinking. Make sure that the bell sound is what your dad would like. Don’t be shy about testing a few out in store before you buy. There are many different pitches and sizes that you can choose from. Be careful to make sure that the bell attachment will fit your dad’s bike.

10. Basket/storage

There are some really great and innovative products available that allow you to add additional storage to any bike. These go above and beyond the traditional basket at the front and can be quite elaborate. Attaching to the bike under the rider, or behind the seat, your dad will love this, especially if he commutes to work. A backpack when you’re riding can make anyone very sweaty. Arriving to work feeling fresh every day is a gift that keeps on giving.

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