5 Warning Signs to Call a Plumber

Even if you’re fairly handy as a homeowner, there are some water issues that must be handled by professional plumbers. Many homeowners understandably want to keep their costs low with regards to repairs, but you might end up with higher expenses if you try to do it yourself. Any water damage that occurs during your fixing attempts will only result in a more expensive bill later on to fix your home’s foundations. Not to mention, water damage is notoriously difficult to live with before you can call someone to remedy the situation.

What’s more important than being able to fix the problem yourself is preventing these problems from getting worse in the first place. If you become keen at noticing the signs that your plumbing system is in trouble, you can call in the professionals to ensure that any issue is nipped in the bud!

With that in mind, here are our five signs that you need to call a plumber to your home ASAP.

1. Gurgling

If you hear gurgling when you use your toilet, shower, washer, or dishwasher, you could very well have a clogged or damaged drain. This noise is a sign that your system is trying (and failing) to find sufficient air to circulate, which means you might be facing a significant backup. When you hear gurgling, turn off the water so that the system doesn’t back up into your house and call an expert.

2. Hearing Water When You Shouldn’t Be Able To

When you hear water when no one in your house is using water, there’s a strong chance you have a leak of some kind. Check your ceilings, walls, and floors for signs of water damage (like moisture or brown spots). If there are wet spots and they’re warm, then you have a hot water line leak.

You might want to check your water meter as well for an extra sign of hot water line leaks. If the meter is spinning and stops when you turn off the valve to your water heater, the problem might be isolated to that part of your system.

Another sound to look out for is hissing water in your toilet. This sound means that you likely have worn components in your toilet’s internal tank that need professional replacement.

3. Low Water Pressure or Trouble Keeping Water Pressure Consistent

While simple water pressure issues might be solved by screwing off your aerators and cleaning out any built-up residue, if your pressure isn’t remedied after this task, there’s trouble. Low water pressure could mean one of the following: a fractured pipe, a degraded water line, or a water leak in your system. Trying to fix such problems yourself could lead to more pipe damage or greater leaks, which as we mentioned above, is the last thing you want or need as a conscientious homeowner.

4. Slow Draining or No Draining

If any of your sinks, your tub, or your toilet are taking a long time to drain, you’ll definitely want a professional to properly suss out the clogging. As well, you’ll want to call in the plumber if there’s no draining (even after using drain cleaners and plunging).

5. Frozen Pipes

This one’s almost self-explanatory; no one wants to deal with the complications a frozen water system can cause. If you attempt to thaw your pipes yourself, this could lead to cracked pipes or even a dangerous full burst. If your water is no longer running, you hear clanging noises when you turn on the tap, or there’s visible frost or moisture on your pipes, call help!

Sulfur or sewage odour on its own can also be a telltale sign of a broken vent or sewer pipe underneath your house. If left uninspected, it could lead to environmental hazards and foundation issues with your home. This smell can also indicate frozen pipes if other aforementioned signs are present.

Have you been experiencing any of these signs lately? Make sure to contact professional Mississauga plumbers, available 24/7!

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