8 Best Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Statistics estimate that polished concrete floors make up nearly 25% of all new flooring systems worldwide every year. The numbers, which continue to rise yearly, have left millions wondering why almost all business and residential structure owners are turning to the flooring system as part of their construction needs.

Below are some key benefits of polished concrete floors to evaluate whether they can be your to-go flooring when needed.

Benefit #1: Stain, Thermal Shock, and Slip Resistance

One of the many benefits of polished concrete flooring is their resistance to stains, thermal shock, and slip. While non-sealed concrete floors may be vulnerable to chemical spills and other stains, polished ones have highly protected from such impact thanks to the chemical-resistant coating.

You can also apply a thermal-shock-resistant layer on the floors to prevent cracks, delamination, and bubbles, caused by extremely hot water washes. Generally, concrete floors can be slippery during washing. However, you can minimize risks of slip accidents on such floors by installing a non-slip coating which adds texture to the surfaces.

Benefit #2: Minimal Maintenance

Concrete floors are naturally vulnerable to staining, regular dusting, and chemical effects. You can counterattack these issues by polishing your concrete floor, making maintenance less stressful. While concrete floors require regular cleaning to last longer, the process is quite manageable compared to other flooring systems.

You can maintain them with a simple sweep, vacuum, or mop with clean, warm water and soap. Although the flooring system is resistant to chemicals, you should avoid employing acid-based and abrasive cleaning solutions to avoid messing with their shininess and durability.

Benefit #3: Cost-effectiveness

Polished concrete floors are one of the most cost-effective flooring systems thanks to their affordability and ease of application. Since constructing a new commercial structure, warehouse, or home already calls for massive financing, it would be best to embrace economic flooring systems such as the polished concrete floor.

The floor’s ease of application also makes the entire process affordable and barely requires any repairs across its lifespan. Some factors that affect the cost of applying polished concrete floors depend on the owner’s preferences regarding the polishing procedure and grade of aggregate.

Benefit #4: Ease of Cleaning

You can admit that cleaning the floor is not the majority’s cup of tea, especially in a commercial setup. However, with polished concrete floors, you will likely love cleaning them even if you didn’t love the process before.

Thanks to their fine finish, you only require a microfiber mop, water, and a vacuum for regular cleaning. This benefit has made polished concrete floors the run-to flooring system in many industries and large businesses, significantly cutting cleaning costs.

Benefit #5: Unmatchable Durability

If you want a flooring system that can last you for years with little or no repairs, that’s the polished concrete floor. The flooring system is highly resilient and robust, withstanding pressures from chemical spills, equipment and foot traffic, and thermal shock.

Polished concrete floors last longer because they resist scratches or chips, even under harsh conditions. However, such properties should allow you to mind less about your polished concrete floor. Positive maintenance significantly contributes to the extended lifespan.

Benefit #6: An Assortment of Designs

There are tens of different designs and looks that individuals can embrace on their polished concrete floors. You can go for different concrete finishing, depending on your preferences on durability, shininess, and resistance.

Home or business owners can also determine the degree of stone to be exposed with their polished concrete floors, each boasting unique advantages, looks, and feel. Polished concrete floors perfectly suit various residential, retail, commercial, and industrial buildings, making them a jack of all trades.

Benefit #7: High Appeal

One of the various factors that home or business owners consider when choosing the flooring system for their structures is appeal. Luckily, besides the benefits of polished concrete floors, they also boast a magnificent appearance. The floor is highly reflective of natural and artificial lighting, adding a sleek and stylish look.

The reflective properties can also make a room appear more prominent when it’s not. Even better, with polished concrete floors, you can minimize the number of artificial lights across the room, reducing the electricity bills.

Benefit #8: Environmental Friendly

Finalizing the list of benefits of polished concrete floors is their environment-friendliness. Since the flooring system doesn’t entail adding hazardous chemical coatings or using abrasive and acidic cleaning solutions, they’re the most environment-friendly option for your home and business structures. The flooring system is also resistant to fungus, allergens, and mustiness, making them the safest solution for your children, customers, employees, and you.

The above benefits have made polished concrete floors popular in commercial buildings and homes. If the flooring system wins your heart, plan adequately and in advance when constructing or renovating your structure. Above all, remember to engage a flooring expert for more desirable results.

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