5 Distinctive Features of a Wooden Watch

Fashion trends can often be difficult to follow and understand, and when it comes to accessorizing it’s doubly the case. Choosing the right accessories for the right occasion can be time-consuming as professional appearances, dinners, and casual events all have different needs. Among the various accessories one might encounter, there are a few time honoured and reliable classics that always remain in style, and are easily worked into an outfit for any occasion.

Watches have long been popular pieces useful for completing a variety of outfits. Custom handcrafted wooden watches add an unmatched dimension of individuality to the classic watch. These unique timepieces are seeing a spike in popularity for a variety of reasons, and below we’ll find out what those reasons are.

1. Endless Customization Potential Underlines Your Individuality

During the crafting process, it’s possible to customize just about every detail of your future watch. The countless customization options allow you to pick the specific dial, case, strap, optional engraving and even container the watch is stored in. By selecting each detail, you play a role in crafting your own stylish timepiece, and in doing so guarantee that it will fit your own personal style.

2. No Two Watches are Ever the Same

Aside from the initial customization process, the wooden construction of each watch provides a one of a kind item when complete. The grain and unique patterns of each wooden component mean that each watch is truly one of a kind. The one of a kind nature of each piece simply cannot be found in metal-based watches and makes each watch the perfect statement piece.

3. Perfect for Any Occasion

A major reason wooden watches are growing in popularity is due to how easily they fit into any occasion. Whether you’re looking for the perfect accessory for a professional meeting or trying to complete an outfit for a night on the town, a wooden watch is a perfect choice. The naturally beautiful patterns that exist for each unique watch are guaranteed to draw eyes, without being over the top or too extravagant for more professional occasions.

4. Natural Materials Without Sacrificing Comfort

The health of the environment and the growing need to reduce our carbon footprint has been a constant topic in the media, and the trend is poised to continue. Wooden watches are made primarily from a variety of renewable resources, such as the many types of wood used in their construction.

By adopting a wooden watch, you’re supporting natural accessories and renewable resources, and in some small but meaningful way assisting in reducing your footprint on the environment. Harmful chemicals and machines aren’t used in the creation of any wooden watch, thanks to their unique handcrafted nature.

The natural, renewable materials used to construct each watch come together to create a beautiful timepiece, without sacrificing any degree of comfort. Truly, wooden watches are the perfect example of sustainability, comfort, and practicality in the modern world.

 5. Unmatched Affordability

Historically, watches have been some of the more expensive accessories one can own. Wooden watches are some of the most affordable unique accessories available thanks to their use of renewable natural resources and handcrafted design. With a wooden watch, anybody can afford to own their own unique accessory, without sacrificing build quality or breaking the bank.

Overall, each of the above points contributes to the growing popularity of wooden watches in their own way. A handcrafted wooden watch is a perfect accessory to add to anyone’s pool of options, thanks to its universal pairability. If you decide to get your own, you’re certain to be happy with the results.

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