8 Visible Signs Your Dog Loves You Very Much

Many people are choosing to have a dog instead of a child. The economics of this decision is an understandable one. If you can have both, then congratulations! If you are deciding to bring a dog into your home instead of a child, then you are in for a different kind of love. It is still an amazing feeling nonetheless.

Dogs are great companions to have in the home, whether you are a bachelor or you have a spouse and children. Sure, they can be a lot of work at times, and they can be a drain on your wallet sometimes, but it is remarkable to witness just how intelligent and beautiful these animals can be. So, practice some quid pro quo: Your dog shows you love – and you show your dog love.

Wait a minute. You might be wondering if dogs can really love you. The truth is is that dogs can love you immensely, and they often show it physically. Here are the eight visible signs your dog loves you very much:

Sign #1: Your dog keeps looking at you.

Eye contact is one of the visible signs your dog loves you a lot. Let’s imagine you have a Golden Retriever puppy in your home. Little Fido sits at your feet and stares intensely into your eyes. He just looks into your eyes.

You do not know what to do, and you are unsure what your pet is attempting to do. So, what’s this all about? It’s simple: Your Golden Retriever, Shih Tzu, or Scottish Terrier is showing you that he or she loves you.

Sign #2: Your dog initiates contact with you.

You are watching the ballgame, reading a book, or talking to a friend. Your dog comes to you and leans against you, either sitting up or lying down. It is a beautiful, warm feeling that can show you your pet trusts and loves you.

When you are aware of how much your dog loves you, it is essential to show your love back. It should never be a one-way street since you probably love your dog as much as he loves you. While you should not go overboard on the affection, it is important to spotlight your love. Here are just a few ways to show your love for your dog:

  • Give your dog a rub behind the ears.
  • Offer your dog a gentle massage.
  • Plant a big kiss on your dog’s forehead.
  • Provide a treat for excellent behaviour.
  • Play with your dog when he or she exhibits signs of wanting to throw a ball around.

Sign #3: Your dog expresses excitement upon your return.

Excitement is one of the clear signs your dog loves you very much. After a long day at work or a trip to the grocery store, you come home to a happy, excited, and barking dog. It is incredible to witness as your dog acts like he or she hasn’t seen you in years. But there is no better feeling than returning to your humble abode and having a live creature more excited than a child at Christmas.

Sign #4: Your dog sleeps through the night.

It may not seem obvious at first, but sleeping is one of the signs your dog loves you. There are two primary ways how this works. The first is that your dog sleeps throughout the night and can sleep through anything. The second is that your dog will crawl into your bed and snuggle with you.

While you don’t want your sheets to be full of hair, it can be nice to know that you have a companion who loves you!

Sign #5: Your dog checks up on you.

Every once in awhile, your dog will just come up to you, check on everything, and walk away. It is both funny and loving because this is a sign that your pet cares for your well-being. You both could be really busy doing something, but your black Labrador will ensure everything is under control.

Sign #6: Your dog smiles a lot.

Believe it or not, dogs can smile. And, if they are smiling around you, it is one of the signs your dog loves you. Typically, a dog’s smile is when their mouth is stretched and their tongue is sticking out. Indeed, it is comparable to a human being’s smile, minus the tongue-wagging, which can lead many people to think that it is not smiling at all.

Sign #7: Your dog has a good appetite.

A happy dog has a big appetite. Indeed, good food is the first step toward excellent health. If you are feeding your animal generic brand dog food and not filling up the bowl with fresh water every few hours, then your dog’s health will inevitably take a hit. Plus, your pet may not feel like you care for him or her with bad food.

Sign #8: Your dog loves spending time with you.

No doubt bringing in a dog into your home is a big responsibility. And you should treat it as such. So, this includes making time for your pet, whether it is going for long hikes outside or just tossing a frisbee in the park. If you are going for five-minute strolls outside so the dog can do its business, then you are not spending any quality time with your dog, and the pet will notice.

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