6 Most Popular Types of Hoodies

Here is something you did not know about hoodies. The term ‘hoodie’ first appeared in 1990, but the actual hoodies go back to the 12th century medieval Europe. The first type of hoodies featured tunics and cowls. They were originally worn by chaperones and monks. Hooded capes were popular among outdoor workers. In 1976, the American sports-drama, ‘Rocky,’ gave hoodies the iconic status they have today, where wearing hoodies has become a popular subculture.

The following are the most popular types of hoodies in fashion:

1. Over-the-Head-Hoodies

These types of hoodies are also known as the pullover hoodie. They are the most popular hoodies, mainly because unlike a zippered hoodie, you do not have to worry about it staying closed. Over the head hoodies are mostly worn in informal settings. They wear better when spotting dramatic designs as opposed to zippered hoodies. They are also more on the funky side and are extremely comfortable since most of them are a bit soft and thick.

In addition to the comfort, an over the head hoodie is ideal for sleeping, especially if it is a size bigger. Although these hoodies are informal, they have a luxurious feel that is almost addictive. They are also relatively cheap compared to other hoodie types and can make great giveaways.

2. Polo Hoodies

Polo hoodies are a combination of elegance and comfort. What makes them stand out from the rest is the small emblem at the front, which adds a bit of glamour to the overall hoodie look and feel. At first, “polo shirt,” or, in this case, “polo hoodie,” was a brand of a particular company. Today it’s generally used to describe a type of design. These hoodies are available in many colours. Pick a colour that accentuates your brand in a way that people will never forget.

3. Slim-Fit Hoodies

Putting on a slim-fit hoodie usually makes an individual look slimmer than they actually are. Compared to other types, these hoodies use less elastane during the manufacturing process to achieve a slim look. Unlike regular hoodies, the bottom end of slim-fit hoodies and sleeves are generally tighter. Some slim-fit hoodies have zippers while others don’t, but the longer the zipper, the slimmer the hoodie will look.

Slim-fit hoodies tend to elongate your body, and unlike regular hoodies, they cling to the body more tightly. These hoodies are made using ordinary materials such as polyester and cotton. However, the key to making slim-fit hoodies that cling to the body is using less elastane. How comfortable a slim-fit hoodie feels depends on whether you have the right size. They are attractive, especially when worn by a physically fit individual. Besides, they are highly affordable.

4. Zip-up Hoodies

A zip-up hoodie is among the two most popular types of hoodies people wear, with the other being the pullover hoodie. Zip-up hoodies are available in a variety of colours, styles, designs, and sizes, which can still be customized to your liking. Unlike other hoodies such as the pullover, zip-up hoodies can be worn in warm climates since one can just unzip them should it get uncomfortably warm.

Should you want to customize a zip-up hoodie, the zipper is the main point of focus. It can feature a brighter or lighter colour than the rest of the jacket, or you can go for a uniquely designed zipper.

5. Skate Hoodies

Just as the name suggests, this hoodie is made for individuals who like to skate. They are meant to allow a skater to glide along swiftly with minimal wind drag during a skate session, which is the reason most skate hoodies are sleeveless. Actually, the primary purpose of a skate hoodie is to keep the chest warm. This is important for all skaters since the wind resistance you experience when in motion can be too much for your chest. Skate hoodies are also pretty cheap.

6. Fur Hoodies

Fur hoodies are made for the cold winters. The most unique thing about this hoodie is the high-quality fur layer around it. There are some variations of this hoodie that feature a layer of fur on the inside, giving off a luxuriously soft feel to whoever is wearing it. Since fur hoodies are made for the winter, the outer layer is, in most cases, made of water-resistant material. Although they can be a bit costly, they are an excellent choice for a giveaway.

When thinking about giveaways that could expand or enhance your brand, give people something they will remember your brand by. Nothing does it better than hoodies. Whether you go for the over-the-head, polo, slim-fit, zip-up, skate, or fur hoodies, it’s mainly the thought that counts. However, if you are considering a hoodie giveaway during the winter season, pick one that makes season sense, such as the fur hoodie.

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