5 Questions to Ask a Locksmith Before Changing Locks

It never really hurts to upgrade your home, right? Maybe those pipes could use a good replacing, or perhaps that wall needs a fresh coat of paint. Those drapes could even be replaced, if you really want a new look. All of these decisions have the potential to make things much better for your home life, but there is another home aspect that you should always consider enhancing.

Naturally, I am referring to home security. Of course, it doesn’t have to be something major such as a new laser grid at the front door. It could very well just be as simple as changing your locks. What are some good questions to ask before upgrading your locks?

In the below guide, you’ll find five good questions to ask your locksmith service before changing your home’s locks.

1. “Are You Licensed and Insured?”

As you can imagine, both of these answers should be yes every single time. That goes for most services that will be working inside of your home, as well. This can help prevent a whole world of headache for you, as many things can happen.

Whether it be that they are not capable enough to handle this job without the proper licensing, or if they somehow manage to really mess the job up, they will take accountability for the mistake on account of their quality insurance. Rather than leaving you with a shoddy outcome, of course.

2. “What Is Your Experience?”

Experience is a huge factor in whether or not a service is worth your time. When it comes to your home’s security, as well as the safety of you and your loved ones, you will naturally want to go with the best possible option.

A service that has the best experience will be upfront and proud of their past work, while some of the lesser able options may dance around the question. Therefore, this is a good time to be direct when asking about this topic.

3. “What Are Your Certifications and Specialties?”

Most areas of expertise have many different layers and a pretty significant archive of knowledge to absorb. A locksmith’s skill is no different, and the better option will undoubtedly be the one with experience and certifications in the widest array of specialties.

As with the last entry, a well-educated locksmith will be proud to show off their knowledge of the specific locksmith skills needed in order to properly change your locks.

4. “What are Your Rates?”

Now, you will definitely want the best, most qualified locksmith you can get. However, you will want one that accurately matches your price point. Ask about their charging preferences, and see if you can get an estimate on how much the changing of your locks will cost you. It never hurts to get that estimate in writing, either. That way there will be a significantly lower chance of any confusion when it comes time to pay up.

5. “Do You Offer Any Warranties?”

One of the worst feelings is to pay full price for a service only to find yourself the recipient of sub par workmanship. A service that offers warranties and assurances will be much more likely to do a good, acceptable job that is well worth your money. If the locksmith does not offer a warranty, however, then you may want to move onto the next option. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry, right?

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