12 Good Excuses for Being Late to Work

Anyone can be late to work at least once in awhile. When the boss asks for an explanation, it’s best to simply be honest and to apologize, instead of making up a strange story that could make everyone at the office question your credibility. However, some situations may demand more than a simple apology, and you will need to find suitable excuses for being late to work.

Here are 12 good excuses for being late to work that you can tell your bosses:

Excuse #1: I overslept

Sometimes, the simplest explanations are the best excuses for being late to work. There are mornings where getting out of bed feels like a challenge. Maybe we are feeling sick, or simply too tired to get up. Maybe we forgot to set an alarm. Maybe we woke up in time, but decided our bed was too comfortable.

No matter the reason why they oversleep, many people use this excuse for being late to work. Just don’t make this a regular habit because it will reflect poorly on your time and attendance tracking at work.

Excuse #2: I had trouble with my car

Car troubles are usually good excuses for being late to work. You’re lucky if you never got late to work because of car-related issues. Whether your car broke down, refused to start, or got a flat tire, you got a good excuse for being late. If this happens to you too often, however, your coworkers will start wondering what kind of crappy car you are driving.

Excuse #3: I got stuck in traffic

Traffic jams happen quite often in the morning, and they are one of the more common excuses for being late to work. After all, everyone is on the road, trying to get to work on time, and perhaps having some problems with their vehicles. When we get stuck in traffic, there is nothing we can do but be patient, and call our boss to let them know we will be late.

Excuse #4: The bus or subway was late

Those who don’t own a car can still be late for work because of commute issues. Once again, if your bus or subway is running late, there is not much you can do. If you are the one constantly missing the bus, however, try to leave your home a little earlier.

Excuse #5: I needed to take my kid to the hospital

Family-related emergencies are often good excuses for being late to work. If you have kids, you know that they can pretty much get sick anytime. Worried parents don’t care about being late to work when they have to take their son or daughter to the hospital as soon as possible. If your boss also has kids, he or she will understand.

Excuse #6: I woke up with a terrible migraine

If you’ve already had a migraine, you know how terrible it is. If the migraine lasts through the night, and only starts easing in the morning, it can be a perfect excuse for being late to work. If the migraine lasts all day long, it could even be an excuse for staying home.

Excuse #7: I thought today was Saturday

Telling your boss that you are late because you thought today was Saturday and you didn’t have to go to work might make you look silly, but there are times when we have so many things on our minds we can get confused. Sometimes, we are so excited about the upcoming weekend that we wish we were there already.

Excuse #8: My babysitter called in sick and I had to find someone else

If your babysitter is the one who is sick, and your kids are too young to be left on their own, you need to find a solution. Telling your boss that you are late because your babysitter cancelled at the last minute and you had to find an alternative is a good excuse.

Excuse #9: I had to pick up my parents at the airport

Another good excuse is that your parents, who live far away, came for a visit, but that your brother or sister called you at the last minute to tell you they would not be able to go pick them up at the airport. There are times when we just can’t say no.

Excuse #10: I had an important appointment

Of course, you should try to avoid scheduling appointments during your work hours. But what if you had a dentist’s appointment before going to work, and it lasted longer than you expected? Or perhaps you had a job interview because you are looking for a new job, but maybe you shouldn’t let your boss know just yet.

Excuse #11: I forgot something important and had to go back home

If you forgot your phone or your lunch at home, maybe you will be able to get on with your day without it. But if you realized that you forgot an important document on your kitchen table, you should probably turn back to get it, even if that means being a bit late for work.

Excuse #12: I had a personal emergency

There are moments where we have personal emergencies, and they can be so private that we don’t feel comfortable discussing them with anyone at work. If this happens to you, just be honest and tell your boss that you are late because of some personal and sensitive matter. Vague excuses for being late to work aren’t ideal, but they are sometimes effective in certain situations.

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